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Exclusive: Apple to offer global warranty on iPhone 5

By: Samir Makwana, The Mobile Indian, Mumbai Last updated : December 26, 2018 4:03 pm

Apple is in the process of changing the global warranty exception with the iPhone 5 and plans to make it available for several countries starting September 27.
Apple, which has recently announced two new smartphone models - iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, will soon offer global warranty for the iPhone 5 in select countries including India, sources told The Mobile Indian.

Till now, the global warranty on Apple products was limited to almost all products except the iPhone models. The Mobile Indian had reported back in 2011 that Apple has been very clear about the warranty on the iPhone models - warranty limited to the country of purchase. For instance, if anyone from India had purchased an iPhone model from the USA or in any other country, the warranty on that device is limited to that country only where the iPhone was purchased.
Apple to offer global warranty on iPhone 5
Starting 27 September, Apple will change its global warranty policy for iPhone 5. Apple is making this one off exception to their policy and will offer global warranty on the iPhone 5 model. However, the global warranty will not be applicable on all iPhone 5 variants. Just for a reminder, Apple offers the iPhone 5 in three different models - GSM with Dual-band 4G LTE support (A1428), GSM with Tri-band 4G LTE support (A1429) and CDMA model (A1429). Out of these three variants, Apple will offer global warranty support only for the iPhone 5 (A1429) GSM model.

As of now, there is no information criteria for the iPhone 5 global warranty eligibility for the existing iPhone 5 models already sold to consumers. However, the global warranty does bring a great relief for the frequent travelers and those who get a unit gifted from friends/relatives living abroad. Even Indians will be able to enjoy the global warranty facility once it has been formally made available in the select countries. However, one must note that initial testing will be performed at the Apple Service Centres to check if the iPhone 5 model is eligible for global warranty or not.

For those who wish to check whether the Apple iPhone or any other Apple product is under service and support coverage can check the same at this Apple Support page.

Apple currently offers iPhone 5 in India from both offline and online avenues at best buy price of Rs. 42,990 approximately.

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