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Apple iOS 5 update robs people of the sound

Globally after the iOS 5 update users are facing problems with the sound output on the iPhone 4.

Apple’s latest 5 mobile operating system was developed and released for the betterment of the iPhone and other iOS powered devices like the iPad and iPods. However, the new operating system was marred by multiple flaws found by the users while installing the operating system.

Initially iOS 5 was suffering from a major battery issue which Apple quickly sorted out with an update.

But now, according to reports, hundreds of users across the globe who installed the iOS 5 on their iPhone 4 devices are facing strange problems with the sound output of the device.

According to users, they are facing problems with the ear piece and even the loudspeaker functionality of the device. Ultimately all these users are being forced to use the bundled wired headphones with the iPhone 4. The problem is persistent across various functionalities and even while using third party application also.

According to the complaints, when the dedicated volume rocker keys were pressed sometimes the volume controller icon popped up but without the volume increase/decrease bars or the level indicator.

Probably, the addition of dual action to the volume increase key for converting it in to the camera control key is causing this problem. Somehow it seems that the newly added functionality for the hardware is conflicting with its existing functionality and causing the problem.

Till now, update on the same has not been received from Apple’s side but it is expected soon. Apple has a reputation for sorting out solutions for problem and we hope that it will be the same case this time as well. As of now only thing that can be done is to wait for the official fix for the solution, so stay tuned as we will relay the information to you as soon as we get it from Apple.

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