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Smartphone or DSLR? Honor 8 might be the answer

In the recent past many renowned photographers have ditched their professional camera and now work exclusively with smartphones.

It wasn’t that long ago when people had to use DSLR Camera, to capture professional-quality photographs or capture their precious moments in the best way possible. However, smartphones, like Honor 8, have gradually caught up with DSLRs. This device, in particular, boasts the kind of superior specifications which once could only be found on high-end digital cameras.
Honor 8
In the recent past many renowned photographers have ditched their professional camera and now work exclusively with smartphones. Interestingly, the current favourite seems to be Honor 8. Here we present to the reason why you can ditch your bulky DSLR for Honor 8.


If you have planned a vacation with your family, it makes sense to leave your bulky and heavy DSLR at home and record or capture your precious moments with your lightweight and portable Honor 8. You can avoid carrying additional equipment like stand, batteries or Speedlight and travel light.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the security of your smartphone as it is portable and can be put in a bag or pocket of your trouser. Also, in case you lose Honor 8, data can be wiped remotely, in case you have not enabled fingerprint security lock which in quite reliable. Whereas in the case of DSLR you know it quite well, if you lose your camera nothing can be done.


Your smartphone was designed to help you communicate and share information with your contacts. If your main activity is shooting and sharing photos through text, email, chat, or social media, then the smartphone is your best companion. Honor 8 is armed with a great camera and an editing app, you can shoot, edit, share polished and interesting photos with your friends, family and people in your social network. Even call them up and let them you where are you. On the other hand, very few DSLRs have connectivity features.

No need to carry multiple lenses

To capture multiple shots on DSLRs one need to carry interchangeable lens. In the case on Honor 8 one need to just zoom in or out and manually tweak the setting to get the desired result.

Low-Light and Flash Photography

Shooting in low-light situations on a DSLR cannot be matched by smartphone by Honor 8 in this department does a decent job and its flash can make the things even better.

Battery life

Honor 8 comes with a 3000 mAh battery, which when fully charged will be able to heavy multitasking for about 12 hours and with moderate usage, one can extract around 16 hours of back up. So in case you run out of charge during your vacation, just grab an power bank and carry on with your activities. In the case of DSLR, you have to carry an additional battery or locate a power point to charge in case you run out of power.

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