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Huawei – Making the tomorrow

Keeping up with the spirit of technical innovation Huawei is said to announce a new product which will reinvent smartphone photography.

The world we are living today was not built in a day. It took years of relentless endeavor from some extraordinary people that helped the mankind to achieve so much. And for success one need unwavering focus, tremendous amount of perseverance and most importantly the right opportunity.

Finding the opportunity

The Congo River of Africa is the second largest river of the world and is also the deepest river covering a length of 4700 km in the continent. But for hundreds of years, the fisherman of Wagenia of Congo have selected a particular spot of the river, near Boyoma Falls, to catch Wagenia fish despite the fact that the river is at its ferocious best at the place.
The Wagenia fishermen’s strategy underlines a vital aspect of success, i.e. to find the opportunity in a sea of possibilities. There is another important lesson in the way the Wagenia people fish. Fishing in the turbulent water needs huge amount of focus. In the torrent, one has to focus so as not to get swept away.

This was also the mantra of Huawei’s success for so many years. Huawei has always maintained its focus on strategic opportunities in a massive flood of data, never wasting its competitive energy on non-strategic pursuits.


About 50 years back scientists world over started discussing about a mysterious particle. It took several genius minds and billions of dollars since 1962 on the research to find that elusive particle called Higgs Boson. Such was the excitement surrounding the particle that it is even referred as the God’s particle.
In 2012, after decades of hard work by over 10,000 scientists, CERN at last announced the successful discovery of the Higgs boson. The discovery of the Higgs boson sheds light on the nature of the cosmos, and is recognized as one of the greatest discoveries in modern physics.

But the road to its discovery wasn’t as simple as would have appeared from the above paragraph. For years, the scientists invested hours and hours together only to build the lab – a ring shaped, 27 km long lab. Moreover, all the billions of money pumped into the research for years together even though the outcome wasn’t guaranteed.

In life, such perseverance is required to achieve great things and it reflects in Huawei’s history as well. Born 28 years ago, Huawei’s journey started in Shenzhen in 1987 with bare minimum capital of 20,000 yuan. Huawei has made an ongoing, concentrated investment in its strategic business areas, exploring our future direction along multiple paths at multiple layers in order to achieve strategic breakthrough.

Making it big from small things

In 1988, Florence Griffith Joyner ran like the wind and in course set a record which is yet to be broken. Even after her death, her record is intact. Her record of 10.54 seconds in 100 meter race is still the best by 0.1 seconds which is a huge margin in the world of running.
As Joyner once said, runners mentally split each second into 100 units, exerting a massive amount of effort to increase their speed by one tiny unit at a time. An improvement of 0.01, although seemingly small, is a huge accomplishment.

Huawei too is ushering new technological breakthroughs which might have gone unnoticed but they are vital in creating a better future of informative society. For instance, Huawei with its Mate and Honor series smartphones have transformed the smartphone segment while its equipment are now the backbone of telecommunication facilities world over. Also, there is buzz going around that Huawei is gearing up to launch a brand new product, quite soon, which will reinvent smartphone photography.

Keeping up with the spirit of technical innovation Huawei is said to announce a new product which will reinvent smartphone photography. Did we say watch out for Dual Leica lens?

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