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Tablet review: iBerry Auxus Core X2 3G

It has a dual core 1.6 GHz processor, Android Jellybean 4.1 operating system, 3G support along with voice calling all for Rs 10,990.





iBerry, the Chennai based tablet maker, had announced the launch of the iBerry Auxus Core X2 tablet in the Indian market. The Core X2 3G is the second 3G calling facility based tablet coming from the iBerry brand.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The tablet is aimed at performance enthusiasts and has an affordable price tag. let’s find out how the Auxus Core X2 3G stacks up in real life.

First looks and build quality

The design department at iBerry labs somehow has the knack of making good looking tablets and the Auxus Core X2 3G is no different. The tablet borrows some of its looks form the older iBerry BT07i tablet that was launched in India in 201.

The tablet comes in bronze color finish which looks good and appealing but might offend many users who would certainly want their mobile devices to be black. The thickness of the tablet at the thickest point is well under 9.5 mm which is an added plus for a device that carries a 4100 battery pack.
Berry Auxus Core X2
On the display front iBerry BT07i comes with a protective glass surface for added durability but not the gorilla glass. But even then the glass surface is scratch resistance as compared to polycarbonate surface used by most devices these days.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The casing of the tablet is made up of aluminum alloy that gives it strength and makes lightweight too. Along with that the device also gets a polycarbonate bumper to protect the device in case it falls on its sides. Bearing a glass surface on the front the tablet is prone to damage if it falls display first for sure, which is a common case with most big screen devices today.

The front side of the tablet has a flush and clean look with everything from the front camera to the button aligned properly along the glass surface enhancing its looks. The display is surrounded by a thick bezel which could have been omitted thereby taking a few millimeters off the width of the device as Samsung has been doing with most of its devices.

The tablet overall is good in terms of the build quality but with its selective color it might become a favorite for a few users and at the same time some users might just pass it.


The design of the Auxus Core X2 3G is based on the older but populate iBerry BT07i and is without any doubt slim and lightweight that additionally makes it easier to hold and carry for longer times as well. The keys have been accented with borders and the triangular design of the key stylises the look of the tablet.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The volume rocker keys strangely have been placed on the top side of the device, while using the device in a landscape mode the keys certainly do come in handy but during in it becomes a bit awkward.
Berry Auxus Core X2
All the ports and the power button have been placed at the right hand side of the tablet along with the single loudspeaker. The microphone and the audio connector are also placed sideways aiding usage again in landscape mode.

Display and touch

The size of the display is a standard 7 inch one but only this time iBerry has chosen an IPS (In Plane Switching) display for the device that add a new dimension to the content viewing. The 1280 x 800 pixel at 210 Pixels Per inch density makes apps, images and videos look crisp and vibrant while there is ample brightness in the display to be legitimate outdoors in broad daylight.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The highest of the display allows the users to even read the smallest text size fonts with ease and clarity. In terms of color reproduction the display is great and quite vibrant. The use of In Plane Switching technology based display on the Auxus Core X2 3G also removes the problem of lashing or discoloring on display under pressure. So now play all the games you want to and tap as hard as you can.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The capacitive touch supported by the device is multi touch one which means users can access up to 5 points of touch at any given time and get a response for that, especially very useful for action games.

As far as touch response is concerned it is quite responsive and very accurate as well( especially useful for selecting links while browsing).


iBerry has been very generous with the hardware on the Auxus Core X2 3G which gets a Dual Core 1.6 GHz application processor form Rockchip. The processor is based on ARM cortex A9 architecture and along with that the device gets a Mali 400 which has been the graphic brain behind the huge success of the Samsung galaxy Note 2 N7100 as well.
Berry Auxus Core X2
The processor is fast and zippy which is visible in most applications performing well at all times. The processor is coupled with 1GB of RAM which is good to have and it shows when the applications load and perform quickly and without any lags.
Berry Auxus Core X2
While the tablet with AnTuTu a popular Android benchmarking utility the Auxus Core X2 3G score marginally better than Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. During the whole review the device underwent a lot of stress testing gaming and benchmarking but at any point of time the device never froze or hung which shows the device has been well built even form hardware point of view.


The Auxus Core X2 3G is a 3G Android tablet that supports calling capability as well. But sadly the tablet misses out on the earpiece. Although, it is not something new as Huawei MediaPad Lite doesn’t have it. The problem can be usinga hands free kit.
Berry Auxus Core X2
For internet connectivity the device features connectivity thorough WiFi and cellular network. WiFi is good and speedy. The USB port on the device has been kept as to save on size but a female mini USB to Male USB connector is provided in the box for connecting pen drive.
Berry Auxus Core X2
Auxus Core X2 3G also gets Bluetooth 4.0 and gives faster file transfers as well as superior savings on the battery power as well. The onboard HDMI is a great addition and is capable of playing 1080p resolution videos on the bigger screen. Users will have to buy the HDMI cable separately as it is not provided along with the device.


The device supports most of audio and video formats. The 7 inch IPS display really changes the game for video playback and games with better color reproduction and brightness levels especially considering this is a budget device. The device features an 8 of internal storage memory which can be expanded up to 32GB via SDHC cards as well.

The preinstalled video playback utility on the device which is not the native Android application comes with some really nice and cool features for video playback with brightness controls, chapter skip and even control locks for preventing accidental stoppage of video playback.
Berry Auxus Core X2
But one of the best features is the video pop out feature on the Auxus Core X2 3G because of which one easily check his mails or chat while watching their favorite video and it also shows that the hardware combination is more than capable of handling just daily tasks.

The device features a 0.3 front facing camera that is good enough for video conferencing and that’s about it. At the rear there is a 2 megapixel camera which is better than the front facing one and can also record resolution videos as well. The quality of the camera is good but it’s really very slow, you can almost at all times see trails of bright objects and videos also are recorded similarly. We certainly hope this is a specific issue with the device which we got.

Battery life

Battery life for the Auxus Core X2 3G is its another major advantage. The tablet returns almost 4-5 hours with of playback time between charges at maximum brightness while gaming. The reduction in brightness results in substantial savings too but the glory of the IPS display is lost. Under nominal usage the tablet lasts for good 1 to 1.5 days of usage with occasional gaming and net browsing over WiFi and 3G. The 4100 mAh battery pack has enough juice to put this device in a good battery backup category and buyers would definitely not regret that.


Auxus Core X2 3G is a 3G calling tablet that misses out on an earpiece but most of the users use hands free kits for calling. But with the 1.6 GHz dual core Rockchip processor and the Mali400 GPU the device returns some seriously impressive performance and benchmarking results too.
Berry Auxus Core X2
Ok so with the price tag of Rs 10,990 the Auxus Core X2 3G comes as an affordable but no way a low cost offering. But the bottom-line is that the Auxus Core X2 3G is a performance oriented offering for users who just don’t want to use their mobile device for internet browsing or for video playback only.
Berry Auxus Core X2
Competing with devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy tab 2 and Huawei’s MediaPad Lite we sure hope that the users would really see the difference in the performance as we have. Plus the device comes with Android Jelly bean 4.1 operating system that offers maximum compatibility with applications.

So ultimately the iBerry Auxus Core X2 3G for us is an affordable yet performance oriented device that is backed by doorstep warranty for 1 year which we like.


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