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Review: Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headphone

Creative Aurvana Live! 2 is meant for the bass lovers. It has a comfortable design and delivers better details.


Controlled bass for enjoying fast pace music Comfortable and portable with detached cable


Bit costly to the pocket

Creative had introduced the Aurvana Live! 2 back in March for the music lovers. This pair of headphones is the successor to the award winning Creative Aurvana Live pair of headphones. Creative aims to deliver more joy of listening to music for the bass lovers with the new Live! 2 pair.
Aurvana Live! 2
We received a pair of Creative Aurvana Live! 2 and have used it for couple of weeks now to get a better experience of the headphones. Here are our thoughts on this headphone.


Creative has really worked to improve the look and feel of the Aurvana Live series, without compromising its portability. It not only looks different but also stands out amongst the usual run-of-the-mill style of the over-the-ear headphones.

In terms of looks, the Live! 2 can be really deceptive in the sense that it is indeed all round sturdy despite of the slightly slimmer head band frames compared to other headphones. The earpads carry thick cushion and are round. Though pair looks leaner it is actually just above 250 grams compared to its predecessor weighing around 200 grams.
Aurvana Live! 2
One of the key features of the Live! 2 is its detachable cables. The single side attaching oxygen-free cables is 1.2 metre long, flat, tangle-free and can be easily removed and replaced with another cable of your choice and requirements. Also, the cable carries in-line volume control buttons so that you don’t have to reach out far. Both ends of the detachable cables offer gold-plated connectors. Several users face the issue of the single sided headphone channel going bad because undetachable cables get tugged, pulled and go bad over a period of time.

Earpads carry the faux-leather look and is made with memory foam that makes the cups more comfortable on your ears. These earpads provide decent level of noise isolation and headbands providing comfortable hold. The cool thing is that the earcups are rotatable up to 90 degrees on one side. Best for those who aspire to be a DJ or deliver live performances.

In terms of design and comfort, the Aurvana Live! 2 are easily one of the best looking headphones. Though the headband frames appear slim, overall it is sturdy and detachable cables makes the pair easily portable.


Just like every other average music lover, we tested out the Live! with different set of devices – PC, tablet and smartphones. Highlight of the Live! 2 is the bio-cellulose diaphragm based 40 mm driver units are being used to deliver the quality of sound that is usually observed in the aluminum diaphragm based units.

The Live! 2 offers a great frequency range 10Hz to 30 KHz and thereby deliver a great balanced sound still pushing the bass as the priority. With the PC, we barely had to adjust the sound equalizer. Listening to the Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro, Dance and Electronic Dance Music was sheer bliss using this earphone. That is when we found the bass was very controlled and give it required punch to the tracks. Vocals are pleasantly enjoyable and trebles were nice.
Aurvana Live! 2
The headphones worked fine even with the tablets and smartphones to enjoy lossless music as well as watching movies and videos. For tablets, the headphones can certainly make movie experience slightly more cinematic with HD movies.
Aurvana Live! 2
Overall, we found that this pair manages to produce great audio details at both high and mid-range volume levels. Even at the mid-range, the details are not compromised despite of the controlled bass. Smartphones with great audio chipsets (LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nokia Lumia 1520 and many others) can be used to enjoy the MP3 and lossless audio files with ease.

Images By Sushil Kumar


Creative introduced the Aurvana Live! 2 at Rs 12,999 for the music enthusiasts in India. Not to forget that this pair does not offer Active Noise Cancellation as one of the features but does promise decent noise isolation. At the same price, Audio Technica ATH-M50x is available that delivers very similar balanced sound sans the tight bass. Here's a thing, those who love the oomph of the bass (which many Indians do), we certainly recommend the Aurvana Live! 2. Pleasant design, sturdy, comfortable and portability are the add-ons one can expect from the Live! 2. While for those who believe better clarity of sound and better instrument separation should opt for the ATH-M50x with detachable cables.

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