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Apart from places that are surrounded by snow-clad mountains, Ac is becoming a necessity across India. And depending on your use case scenario, there are multiple options available in the market, ranging from window Ac to Split Ac in different tonnage and features. We recently checked out LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC – 2 ton. The AC is being sold at around Rs 55,000 and has some exciting features. Here we present the review of LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold.

One AC, Two functionalities

Most of the Air Conditioners in the market usually have cooling functionality, but LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC has the goodness of cooling and heating. As a result, many consumers who reside in those places where climates range from extreme heat and cold will find it helpful. During our testing, we found the cooling fast, and at the same time, Ac was operating at almost zero sound.

Even in the current monsoon weather, when the indoor temperature remains lower than normal season days, humidity gets higher Ac performed well. The cooling was comfortable and air throw captured a larger area and even electricity consumption was not much.

You are the boss

The LG has one interesting feature related to improving the performance and keeping a tab on the electricity bill as well. It features a 4-in-1 Convertible Cooling. When activated, one can decrease the power consumption to as low as 40 percent of the AC’s capacity. The other option includes 80 and 60 Percent.

Depending on the number of people in a room, one selects the variable. Like if there are just two people in the room, one can choose the 40% option, which will reduce the power consumption and, at the time, maintain a comfortable temperature. During our review at 80%, Ac was consuming around 1.6 units per hour.

Lg Hot and Cold AC

An extra dash of Life

One of the major issues that AC users in humid areas or places where construction is going complain about are very fast corrosion to the coils. The LG Dualcool ACs comes with Ocean Black Fin to offer protection against dust, smoke and chemicals present in the environment.

It has been designed for enhanced corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance in environments that are packed with corrosive elements. In addition, it will help in reducing repair or maintenance costs.

Dual power but less enery consumption

Another issue that bothers Ac users is bill shock. To address the concerns, LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC comes with Dual Inverter Compressor. As per the independent testing organization, TUV Rheinland consumes up to 70% less electricity while providing up to 40% faster cooling when compared to one of its own non-inverter RACs. We experienced fast cooling and unit consumption compared to another non-inverter AC, around 60 percent less in a real-world scenario.

During my usage, I didn’t have a chance to call customer care for my AC after installation since I didn’t face any issue, but the call for installation was smooth, and installation was done in a day.

Air Purifier: Need of the hour

Pollution has become a major cause of worry nowadays, and the LG Ac comes loaded with Anti-Virus Protection and Anti-Allergy Filter to remove the fine dust and viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms for cleaner air.

During our usage, Air filters have been quite effective even in capturing the hair of my pet. I noticed it while cleaning the filter.

lg hot and cold ac

Add on features:

Some of you might have faced an issue when the gas level is low in Ac, cooling is ineffective, and it isn’t easy to detect it unless a technician does a check-up. LG Air Conditioner has a solution for it! It can detect low gas levels, which reduces inconvenience while troubleshooting. If the gas level is below the prescribed limit, it is displayed on the Internal unit of AC.

LG call the display Magic Display as it becomes invisible when not in use. Also, one doesn’t need to buy stabilizers with this AC as it comes with inbuilt options to take care of voltage fluctuations. Also, in case the battery of the remote control conks off one can, one can manually switch on or off the AC using a physical button under the flap.

Things That can be better

Users will install 2 ton Ac in drawing rooms most of the time, and LG Ac has only one colour – white, option. So if in future changeable internal panels, could we provide users with options to pick and choose the panels as per their need so that they gels with the decor.

Lg has a couple of Ac’s that can be controlled using an app. Unfortunately, this one misses out on it. It is not such an issue that will weigh heavily on the mind of consumers, but it would have been a nice add on.


Add on Features


It is quite difficult not to recommend LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC as it delivers top-notch performance and comes loaded with utility features to make life easy. It has a value for money purchase and JG after-sales service is like a cherry on the top.

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It is quite difficult not to recommend LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC as it delivers top-notch performance and comes loaded with utility features to make life easy. It has a value for money purchase and JG after-sales service is like a cherry on the top.LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC Review