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Honeywell Air Touch I8 Review: It seriously brings a breath of fresh air!

The air purifier comes loaded with a host of interesting features, but is it enough to provide that breath of fresh air, which now becomes almost non-existent?


DesignUser friendly Higher CADR


A bit expensiveFan speed is quite loud

This is that time of the year when all the social media platforms, media channels and ‘chai pe charcha’ are flooded with the discussion of the silent killer, the smog. In past few days, the condition in many cities including Delhi has become worst, all thanks to our obsession for burning crackers and digging graves for ourselves.

It is true that you simply cannot escape the wrath of this deadly Smog, but we all can protect it by using air purifiers at home, offices and everywhere places possible. There are numerous options available in the market and Honeywell is one of those brands that provide it. One of the options from the company is the Air Touch I8, which comes with a price tag of Rs 22,990, but on Amazon, you can get at a discounted price of Rs 16,999. The air purifier comes loaded with a host of interesting features, but is it enough to provide that breath of fresh air, which now becomes almost non-existent? Let’s find out.

It does comewith a some good look

The Honeywell Air Touch I8 does come with pretty good looks and it certainly will not give that awkward feeling when you keep it in your living room or any other place. We got the Champagne Gold colour for review and it certainly gives a premium look. The device is also available in Classic White.

Honeywell Air Touch I8

Quickly briefing about some design aesthetics, there are air intake vents located at the bottom of both the sides, which is a welcome move as most of the air purifiers have the vents at the back. The top houses air exit vent, which throws the clean air.

The top also comes loaded with a display, which comes power on/off button, sleep mode, fan setting, real-time air quality indicator, lock button and filter change indicator. The front is removable and underneath it, you will find Pre-filter along with HEPA and HiSiv filter. That said, the air purifier does give premium look.

Performance is up to the mark!

Coming to the performance part, the Air Touch I8 is a powerful air purifier. The device can clean the air in rooms as large as 387 sq ft, which makes it ideal for large rooms like living room, office space etc. The air purifier has an air-delivery rate or CADR of 300 cubic metres per hour.

Honeywell Air Touch I8

That said, the performance of the air purifier is a pretty good and like we said above, it is indeed a powerful one. During our testing period, we found that it was able to bring down the PM level under limits around 30 minutes to one hour of usage. And it then maintains that level till the time it is on. The quality of air is indicated by different colours: red means that air pollutant is atanalarming rate, orange means for moderate but still alarming and blue colour means that the air quality has improved and PM levels are below 55, an ideal condition for fresh air.

This is possible due to the compound filter used that bears HEPA and company’s patented HiSiv filter, which reduces the pollutant that is up to 0.3 um particulate matter. It removes PM 2.5 and microscopic allergens. It also helps removes formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and odour.

Honeywell Air Touch I8

Another thing we liked about the air purifier is the sleep mode, which once turned on, will shut the LED lights and brings the fan speed to a minimum so that you can sleep well. The fan comes with different manual speed modes, but we suggest you keep in Auto mode for better performance.


To conclude, the Honeywell Air Touch is certainly one of the power air purifiers present in the market. The device does give a premium look and performance is satisfactory. The PM 2.5 filter along with HEPA + HiSiv filters manages to bring down the PM level and other pollutant presents in the air. Overall, it is one of the best options in this segment right now.

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