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Handset Review: Xage M108

By: Rahul Gupta, The Mobile Indian, New DelhiLast updated August 24, 2013 5:50 pm

Handset Review: Xage M108


A phone with extra large music.


  • Looks
  • Battery Life
  • Loud Music playing capability


  • Loud Music playing capability

While reviewing a phone from a very new company, one certainly starts with a certain scepticism regarding the device. Same was the case with Xage M108, a new launch from a brand new player in the Indian mobile phone market.

M108 is admittedly a classy looking phone. The two tone cherry and black colour gives it a sophisticated look and the matte back adds to that. The device has a VGA camera, which can be used for occasional photography, but only for keeping and viewing visuals on the phone itself. On a PC the pictures look bad.

The phone uses a standard resolution 2 inch LCD screen, which displays visuals well. In terms of sharpness it might score low, but scores well on brightness and colour vibrancy. The keypad is a simple multi tap alpha numeric one with dedicated media keys, which can also be used as media shortcuts. The keypad has a dust repelling design, which enhances the life of this phone.

It is a dual SIM phone with a memory card slot that can store up to 4 GB, which is used for storage and playback. The phone's battery is commendable. With average use the battery lasted almost 4 days, not counting a further half day during which time there were low battery notifications.

For music playback, Xage M108 uses a 200W speaker. It is loud enough to be used as a community radio. However, sound quality isn't very good. Music played through the loudspeaker is for thrill seekers and not for connoisseurs.

In a nutshell, M108 is a neat crossover between a radio and a mobile phone, which might not be liked by many people. So if you need a phone that can play really loud music but are okay if it lacks a little quality then you could consider this device.


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