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Handset Review: Tech-Com T65

A great low end dual SIM based phone that offers maximum value for money with features that make it stand out of the crowd.





Dual phone today have changed the market from what it used to be in the earlier days. Today the dual SIM handset boom has even forced big manufacturers like Nokia to jump in to the arena.

Tech-Com, an India based PC peripheral player, has announced a couple of handsets for the Indian users out of which we got the T65 handset for review. As per Tech-Com, the T65 is one of the best dual SIM phones that have been launched in India so far but how does this phone perform in the real world? Let’s see.


Right out of the box, the T65 looks impressive. The phone comes in a tiny box, perhaps the smallest ever seen in the market – the phone has literally been adjusted inside the box among the other accessories.

The accessories are the regular ones including a wall charger, an USB cable and a hands free kit. One of the best things bundled with this phone is a 4GB memory card, which is an industry first at this price range.


The T65 comes in a rose gold colour, which looks classy, with the black accents and a big black bordered display. The phone’s face has been divided in a 60 &#151 40 ratio with 60 per cent area being allocated for the display while the rest of the area goes for the keypad.

All the keys on the phone are placed on the face only making it easier to handle as side keys tend to get accidentally pressed while keeping and taking out the phone from pocket.

Display and keypad

It has a big 2.4 inch TFT- display (non touch) with a of 320 x 240 pixels. The display reproduce bright and quite colourful images and the display has a protective plastic shell as well which is integrated in the outer body of the T65 that will definitely protect the display from scratches and damaged during accidental falls.

The keypad on the T65 is probably one of the sweetest keypads we have ever seen on a dual SIM phone. The keys are soft to use but have the right pitch and feedback making them easy to use for people with fat fingers too.

The keypad also has a big D-pad in the centre for navigation which is more like a black ring in the upper centre of the keypad making it a little difficult to use for first time users but becomes easy once you get used to it.

Build Quality

Although the device is completely made up of plastic the build quality of the device is not bad. It will withstand a couple of drops and everyday usage jerks easily.

We drop tested this device on flat hard concrete floor and it hardly got a scratch from the height of 40 inches. In short the device is built to last and it will.

Call Performance

Being a dual SIM phone, this phone can be connected to two cellular networks or two different numbers at any given time, but it does not feature two SIM standby feature that allows the other SIM to be active while the first SIM receives a call.

The signal quality of this phone is normal and it works flawlessly in most places. The call sound quality both for the speaker and the receiver are good without any distortion or voice quality loss.

The microphone positioning of the phone is towards the bottom of the phone it allows the T65 to catch minimal ambiance noise as well.


The T65 comes with a free 4GB and that will really come in handy while saving your music library on to this device. It has an inbuilt audio video player that supports most popular audio and video formats like MP3, WMA, MP4 and 3GP as well. Plus, the T65 comes with a standard port so users are not likely to face any compatibility issues.

The handset has a 3.5mm connectivity that allows it to connect to any audio device very easily. In terms of music playback the headset works good from low to medium volume levels and at high levels the quality goes for a toss. You can also try plugging in another or a better set of ear plugs but the T65 has some issues at high volume levels.

Just opposite to it, the T65 has got a big speaker with a very good sound quality, which is better than most dual SIM handsets out there in the market.

The T65 also features a nice 1.3 camera, without a flash though. The quality of the camera is good in bright light to medium light conditions while in low light all you get to see in pixels and funky colours all over your snaps. But ultimately it works as a basic camera and while connected to the PC this can also be used as a Webcam.

Battery life

One of the major liking features of the T65 is its big battery. And we must say that it has impressed us to the maximum. The T65 has possibly gotten the biggest mobile phone battery ever made, the 1800mAh battery pack powers the device for good 10-12 hours of along with decent time being spent on music and other activities too. But due to the bigger size of the battery it takes a longer time too to fully charge the device. But overall the T65 give you a week long device usage time with moderate usage with just one charge.


The T65 is a good featured dual SIM based phone with a small price of Rs 2,100, for which you get a bundled 4GB memory card as well. The phone has got decent performance, good features and no non sense features like touch screen and those funny looking FM antennas that steal the look away from the phone. So if you are on a limited budget go ahead grab this one.


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