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Game review: Need for Speed Most Wanted

Enjoy the fast paced Need for Speed game, totally street racing style with some immensely detailed graphics and gripping challenges.


Super detailed graphics Great looking cars and multiple unlockables Nice sensitivity and responsiveness of the cars to the tilt-shift and gestures


No multiplayer mode

Are you game for a gripping race against time? Charge up your Apple iOS devices for a new installment of the popular Need for Speed series game – Need for Speed Most Wanted. This new game arrives with superbly polished graphics and slick menu styling. The presentation and finish of the game are very pleasing and sharp. Need for Speed Most Wanted is a fast-paced action packed street racing game, which also comes with some in-app unlockables and purchases.

Want to go for a test drive? You got to be kidding! Need for Speed Most Wanted takes place on the streets of Fair Haven. The game throws the player directly on the driver’s seat and starts off immediately to compete with the five other most wanted drivers on the track. The race tracks, cars and surroundings look much more polished and smoother.

Start off as the Challenger and follow the on-screen tutorial for controls and special functions just before you reach the half of the lap. Pump some nitro, enjoy some drifts, and do some jumps to earn enough moolah. While you are at it, you can enjoy the take downs, but do not digress from the most important part -race against time and other ruthless drivers.

On the tracks, the roads are immensely detailed and you get to see every eye-catching neon light as if you were driving a real car. Users can stick with tilting the iOS device on the sides to move left or right. Alternatively, one can make the controls swipe based from the controls menu. Tilt controls are so precise that the car reacts almost immediately and will respond appropriately based on the sensitivity set.

All you have to do is drive through the laps and stay ahead of the other tough cars that are out to take you down. Be careful of the traps and barricades laid down by the patrol car and try to stay ahead of the cop cars. Of course, taking the cop cars down gets you brownie points, but it also attracts more attention.

The background music plays rock and dance style numbers to keep you entertained while driving through those grunge-y streets. In the Menu, you get to see a Map to check your current location and determine your next stop. The neatly laid own night mode map is simply alluring along with silver bar pins. The menu options at the bottom of the screen offer Maps, Garage, Driver Details and Current Standing amongst Most Wanted, Digital Store to buy packs, and finally Options to make changes in controls or audio settings. The interesting bit is that the Digital Store shows in-app purchase packs in Indian currency. So you can purchase digital cash, and can upgrade your car and tweak it to win.

The Garage includes about 46 car varieties according to SUV, Muscle, Sports, GT, Exotic and Everyday. Locked cars can be unlocked with the cash earned by winning the races and making extra moves on the streets. The only thing missing in this game is the peer to peer or multiplayer gaming mode. That would have made it more fun to challenge friends. Of course, there is a social bend in the settings and you get to bring in your Origin Account buddies as well.

The fast-paced new Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best looking and most polished arcade games at the moment.

The interesting bit about this game is the new Cop Pursuit, which is initiated after you complete the race. Based on the destruction caused by you and the cop cars you take down, there will be heat levels assigned and your car will be chased endlessly. Your goal is to stay ahead and be the most wanted badass driver.

Need for Speed Most Wanted measures about 594 MB and might take a while to download but is totally worth it. If you own an iOS device, then this is a must have game to enjoy on the device. The action and super detailed graphics are totally worth your money.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is available from Apple App store for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 4.0 or higher. And yes, this game has been optimized for the new iPhone 5 as well.


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