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Game Review: Max and the Magic Marker

Max and the Magic Marker is an interesting and addictive game for your mobiles running on Windows Phone 7.


Clever and difficult puzzlesSimple game designPrecise physics engine


Too short gameNo highscores to boost sense of competitionVery limited physics

The concept of Max and the Magic Marker is simple. The players take on the role of Max and need to exit each of the imaginative world, but not before collecting the treasures.

The real fun is that you need to draw lines or curves or other shape using their fingers in order to achieve the goal. You have a magic Marker for assistance using which can create objects in Max’s world as long as he has picked up enough ink.

The objects such as stairs, bridges, rafts etc. can be drawn anywhere or the screen and this is where the game gets its name from.

It is only by drawing these objects that you can escape the hazardous worlds and ultimately defeat the monster terrorizing Max’s imagination.

Drawing on the screen is easy. You just swipe to create lines. As long as you have collected ink bubbles, you can doodle up stairs and other essentials for Max’s survival. But the sensitivity of your finger on the screen is just not very good.

For your drawing to be more accurate you will have to zoom in and play. Additionally, you can always pause the action and drop into sketch mode, which gives you all the time in the world to scribble a creation.

Max and the Magic Marker includes fifteen stages, stretched across three worlds. Every world has multiple hidden ink blots to collect, so even if you do get through every scene, you can always replay to find all of the secret collectibles.

The concept of the game is very nice. We liked the visuals as well. They are colourful and refreshing. However, the controls are not as smooth as we would have liked. Hence making the game play irritating.


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