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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera review

Does it do any justice with this price tag?


Light Weight Easy to operate


Price of film Exact count of films remaining is off
Fujifilm has added a new member to its Instax Mini 90 series with the launch of Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic instant camera. Priced at Rs 11,000, the camera brings back the golden era of Polaroid in this digital age.
Instax Mini 90 Neo
The instant camera comes with some impressive design language and requires no rocket-science to understand the working of the camera. So, does it do any justice with this price tag? Let’s find out.
Look and Feel
The first time you hold this camera, you will find it to be pretty lightweight, though it does not look that mini as its name suggest. The brand has added some retro design to it, which surely adds some charm to the device. You get a combination of leather and plastic (that does not feel cheap) that adds some premium look to it.
Instax Mini 90 Neo
There is Xenon flash up front along with the lens. The company has given two shutter button—one on the top and one up front—which makes it easier to take landscape shots and vertically oriented ones. The Viewfinder is on the right-hand side, while at the back one will find display which shows the number of films left and different modes. One can easily remove the cover to insert the cartridge and battery. Overall, the instant might look a bit big in nature, but it is certainly lightweight and easy to use.
Coming to features part, the instant camera comes loaded with different modes including landscape, portrait, macro and more. One can access this by pressing the mode button, which sits right beneath the display at the back. Then there is an option for flash settings and a separate button for Macro shots. The picture comes out from the right side of the camera.
Instax Mini 90 Neo
The performance of this instant camera is pretty good in some cases. When the lighting condition is good, the quality of the image came out to be good enough, though we noticed some parallax error which beyond repair. This means that what we see in the viewfinder and what is printed differs a bit. The only way to solve this problem is to get used to it.
The camera took some good photos in the portrait mode. On the downside, when we took some landscape photos, the picture lacked some detailing, and it fails to impress in low-light condition without flash. And when used with flash, the Xenon flash kills the overall image quality of the photo. So, it is advisable you use the flash from a distance.
Instax Mini 90 Neo
Coming to the cartridge of the Instax Mini 90, it comes with the set of 10 pictures and mind you the refill is not cheap ( Rs 699), so we would advice clickpictures wisely. Also, sometimes we were quite annoyed from the misleading number shown on the display, which makes it difficult to judge when the flim roll will finish. That said, it takes about 60-seconds for the image to appear in the film.


To conclude, the instant camera is meant to lock up a photo into a memory and even in this age of digital photography and smartphone photography, the physical photo has its own value. The camera has its share of hits and misses, but it is pretty simple to operate and the image coming out the camera is still magical.

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