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Bluetooth Review: Trueblue Voice S91

Talk in style while keeping full control over your media.


Great for musicGreat battery lifeVery ComfortableVery easy to use


Only 6 month warrantyGlossy color finish

Trueblue Voice, one of the new entrants in the headset market in India, has a wide range of products, of which TBV S91 stereo Bluetooth headset is the latest.

S91 has a unique design that stands out in the crowded market of headsets. Its headband is black with a glossy finish, and it has squarish drivers for both ears.

The drivers are foam padded, thus giving additional comfort to users. Also, the headband design keeps the headset in place. The headband has extensible arms that the user can tweak according to preference.

Though it has a slightly plasticky feel and look, TBV S91 is sturdy enough to handle daily blows without getting damaged. It is foldable and can hence be carried easily when not in use. The hinges on which the folding mechanism works is made of stainless steel and will not go bad even after months of use, unlike other headsets with plastic hinges that tend not to last.

The drivers are slightly bent inward, which puts a little pressure on the ears. Some people might not like this but it is required to keep the drivers glued to the ears.

The headset is light-weight and does not cause any discomfort or irritation. The headband also has a rubber coating on the inside, which comes in contact with the hair, and which prevents it from slipping off while it is being used. This headset is meant for casual use only and cannot be worn while running.

Setting up this device is easy. S91 sports quick pair Bluetooth technology that allows it to be connected to compatible Bluetooth devices without the need for a security key having to be physically keyed in.

To pair the device, the user needs to hold the call button that is on the right ear piece until it turns blue and starts blinking. Then search for the S91 with your phone and initiate pairing. Once paired, the devices connect automatically whenever they are switched on within a range of five meters.

Although this headset is designed for right handed people, its design allows left handers to use it with ease. The right earpiece houses the keys, which can be used to call, and to control volume and song selection. Apart from the main call key all the others are feather touch (capacitive) ones. A slight touch on the surface of the key results in action.

The inclusion of capacitive feather touch keys is a great innovation since physical keys on the sides might have interfered with the wearability of the device. The main key doubles up as the song play and pause key as well, but personally, I would have loved another capacitive touch key to control calls, with the main key reserved for media.

S91’s performance is excellent when it comes to music playback, but while calling, the Bluetooth headset failed to impress. Music output is clear; the device resamples the audio perfectly with clean highs and a tighter bass that leads to a rich music listening experience due to its large driver size.

The placement of the microphone in S91 is such that you will have to speak up in order to be audible to the other person, but it does a fairly good job in receiving quality audio even in noisy conditions.

The battery life of this device is superb. Even after being used over three days for around 11 hours the device just refused to die. However, it takes about 3-4 hours for the battery to get fully charged.

To sum up, the TBV S91 is by far the most handsome Bluetooth headset I have come across, and with its long lasting metal hinges, it is definitely going to be with you for quite some time.

If comfortable listening is what you want then this is the accessory you need but only if the microphone can be tweaked a little bit. Over all, the S91 is the best thing money can buy for Rs 2,500.


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