Bluetooth review: True Blue Voice S61

By: Anil Satapathy, The Mobile Indian, New DelhiLast updated August 24, 2013 5:50 pm

Bluetooth review: True Blue Voice S61


Like its other cousins, the True Blue Voice S61 impressed us with its music playing capability and battery life but it has its own flaws as well.


  • Stylish look
  • Good built quality
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Long battery life
  • Good sound output


  • Erratic Bluetooth connection
  • Old fashioned mini 5 point charging port

True Blue Voice is a renowned name in the world of Bluetooth headsets and The Mobile Indian has also reviewed several headsets from the company including TBV S70 and TBV S81. Now we have another Bluetooth headset of True Blue Voice - the TBV S61.


TBV S61 Bluetooth headset is designed to be worn behind the neck, which makes it very comfortable to wear for long hours without much strain. Further, S61 is quite light and that adds to the comfort. Since it comes in a foldable design it is also very easy to carry around.

The TBV S61 comes in pure white, which makes it really good to look at. It has been designed keeping the structure of our heads in mind - it has a curvy body with angular earpieces with comfortable padding which ensure less pressure on the ears. Since the headset is made of plastics, it is very light and resilient as well.

There are a set of buttons on the S61 for using this Bluetooth headset. On the right ear piece there are on/off buttons along with a charging port and an LED indicator that indicates whether the Bluetooth is connected to a device or not. Besides, the indicator also warns you when the charge is low - while charging it blinks red and when it gets completely charged the blue indicator lights up.

On the left ear piece there is a pause/play button along with volume rockers. The volume controllers are, however, placed a bit awkwardly, which initially makes it difficult to reach but you will soon get used to this.


True Blue Voice is renowned for the quality of sound of its Bluetooth headsets and the S61 is no exception. The headset, like most of its cousins, gives a really deep and smooth sound output so you can hear the finer details of the music. It has a noise cancellation feature too that ensures that you listen to all your favourite songs in peace or even while talking to someone.

Connecting the S61 to other Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets or laptops is quite easy. However, the TBV S61 had erratic reception. In fact, we did try this headset on a range of devices including Idea Blade, Huawei MediaPad, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and even HTC One X. It does give a good connection most of the time, but the occasional disruption definitely gets very irritating. Otherwise, its wide range of volume options along with good speakers ensures that you enjoy listening to this headset.

The headset allows users to play, pause or skip music tracks. To skip you have to press and hold the volume down button.


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