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Bluetooth review: Plantronics Marque M115

Lightweight and stylish Bluetooth handsfree that supports voice commands and comes with a unique iPhone application as well.


Looks Build Features Battery backup Voice command


No noise cancellation

Being lightweight does not necessarily mean that the device loses out on features and functionality, and this is what Plantronics has been showcasing in its range of devices that are being launched in the market just now. Plantronics is one of the leading brands in mobile Bluetooth headsets and other communication accessories globally. Its latest product the Marquee M115 has been claimed to be a lightweight as well as highly functional Bluetooth headset. We got the device for review to find out how the Plantronics Marque M115 really performs. Read on…


Plantronics Marque M115 comes in the signature Plantronics half white-half transparent packaging. The device itself is very slim and sleek while the dual tone silver and glossy black colour scheme is quite attention grabbing. Marque M115 has a glossy black body with a silver outline. The front features a single button that looks like the device’s eye, and the volume control keys are on the right side of while the left side has the power key.

One innovative feature of the headset is the inclusion of indicator lights on the inside of the headset so that it does not give out any annoying blue or green flashes of light during use. Overall, the look and design of this device is great and with a slim profile it can be worn every day without any hassle.


Plantronics Marque M115 in terms of weight is on the much lower side, weighing 7 grams to be exact. Along with that the device comes with very comfortable silicon gel ear supports, making it appropriate for long time wearability while its lightness makes the user virtually forget that the headset is there at times. The ear gels also have a notched design to avoid the gel from rotating while it is worn, and there are a couple of different sized gels available with the device as well.

The buttons are very easy to locate and use and at the same time they require a bit of force to activate which is necessary, as we tend to touch our ears often and could end up accidentally making calls.

Connectivity and features

Plantronics Marque M115 features Bluetooth version 3.0 with quick pair technology that allows the device to connect with great ease. The quick pair feature ensures that the user does not need to input any passwords to connect the device to the mobile phone. Along with that the device can be paired to two or more devices simultaneously, making it easier for people to use the same headset with multiple devices.

The Marque M115 features A2DP (advanced 2 way data) connectivity as well. A2DP connectivity allows the smartphone to stream music right to the headset. This is very useful especially if you listen to podcasts or use navigation while driving.

Along with this the headset also has a micro USB port that can be used to charge the device using any available mobile charger. The company has bundled a unique charging cable that can connect it to any USB charger, while it also gives another USB connector which can be used to charge the phone as well.

The supplied ear gels come in three different sizes so that the user can adjust them according to requirement. The operation is a simple three button one with the main button placed on the front for taking and disconnecting calls, and the other two to control volume placed on the side of the headset.

Along with all this the Plantronics Marque M115 comes with a unique iPhone application that provides users with real-time battery notifications for the handsfree device. Along with this the headset has a list of voice prompts and commands. The moment you turn it on it will tell the user about the approximate battery level the device has, and when there is an incoming call users need to simply say ‘answer’ and the headset answers the call, matrix style.


Although there is no active noise cancellation technology used in the device it is designed to minimise distortion and disturbances. The microphone is placed towards the inner side as compared to other headsets in which the mic faces downward. We tried the Marque M115 in various scenarios and quite amazingly the audio on both sides was absolutely flawless. The receiver of the call was able to make out what we were saying although there was a bit of ambience noise, but it’s okay as long as all the ambient noises are not pouring in.

While the company claims talk time of 5 hours between charges, the Plantronics Marque M115 lasted for more than 5 hours of talk time, which is absolutely surprising. So an average user would not have to keep charging the device often as one charge in a few days is good enough.


With a price tag of Rs 2,800 the Plantronics Marque M115 makes a good choice, and the price can be expected to fall. So if you want a good sturdy Bluetooth headset then this one is certainly worth considering for decent call clarity, good battery backup, voice commands and most of all a stylish and good looking design that keeps you distinct from the crowd.

Ultimately all Bluetooth headsets should be comfortable and easy to use, and this is what the Marque showcases brilliantly. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use all day long.


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