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App Review: Worbble

Brush up your vocabulary and memory by playing this fantastic bubble popping game to score more points by creating as many words as you can in a limited time.


Bubble popping fun with knowledge and memory brushingNice graphics and good use of colours


Music could have been betterSlow paced

Milestone Interactive has ventured into mobile game development with Worbble. This game involves creating as many words as possible by simply popping bubbles in limited time. Though it sounds easy, it is challenging at the same time. Worbble is now available for Rs 110 from the Apple App Store. It is playable on the 4.3 or newer iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Word games are best to pass your time and also to hone your word making skills. Several word games are available at the Apple App Store and many are similar to each other in certain respects.

The word ‘worbble’ is a combination of ‘word’ and ‘bubble’, hinting the obvious-bursting bubbles to make words. The game offers social networking to share your scores over Twitter and Facebook.
Worbble is set in an underwater environment to make you feel like one of the teachers-just like in the movie Finding Nemo. The game offers nice colours, apt for the underwater environment, and it also brings crisp graphics for Retina devices. The game aims to test and boost your ability to create words as quickly as possible without getting distracted by any buttons or animations.
Worbble offers two gaming modes – Word and Quiz. Word mode tests how well the player can create words in limited time. Whereas in the quiz mode, players have to guess the word based on the questions asked and hints offered.
Word mode involves bursting bubbles in two minutes to create as many words with three, four, five, six or seven letters in it. More letters fetch more points at the end of the level, and based on points, up to three stars are awarded for each level. The colour combinations used for the letters are at times confusing, but that’s the challenge-to spot the right letters and create more words as quickly as possible. With every level, the background also changes. The only gripe we had was with the background music. It could have been more interesting.
In the quiz mode the user is showed all sorts of questions and the game is over if you give even a single wrong answer. In this quiz mode there should be a best of three, five or ten set. Also, the questions are really random-from entertainment, sports, art and literature.
The game offers enough fun to those who love creating words and keeping their vocabulary razor sharp. However, there is somewhat of a lack of pace as you progress through the levels. You are greeted with new backgrounds though.
This game is recommended for everyone-especially for children and young working people to stay in touch with the wonderful words used in daily life. Popping bubble wraps is fun and it gets better when you gain a lot out of bursting bubbles. The publisher deserves a thumbs up for creating such a fun, great looking and crisp game. The only things we would expect to see from the updates are more options for quizzing, some fast pace and great music. You may try out the ad-supported lite version of Worbble from the Apple App Store before you buy it.


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