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App Review: WidgetLocker Lockscreen

The app WidgetLocker Lockscreen best describes the customisation ability of the Android operating system. The app works just the same way the users set their home screen of their Android smartphone.


CustomizationLooks Good


Notification bar not hidden in earlier versionsLockscreen may also close notifications

The WidgetLocker Lockscreen is basically an application to customise the locked screen of an phone. The provides you a replacement of the locked screen of your phone while letting you to decide the look and feel of it.

It works just the same way the users set their home screen of their Android smartphone, and it customises the Android phones in a way which would not have been possible on other operating systems without rooting.

The moment the app is installed on the phone, users get a complete walkthrough of the app, so that they are aware how the main functions of the app work and how the users can customise their mobile screen when in locked for action.

Before the users get to open anything, the Lockscreen app will ask for their password. Users can also customise the app so they may be able to open the Lockscreen with any key they are comfortable to use.

The notification bar can also be hidden by the users, though often the usual Lockscreen used to come up in the earlier version of the app. The app has, however, been improved in the newer versions. The notifications may also be closed by the Lockscreen, unless the users customise the machine otherwise. The app is priced at $1.99 (about Rs 90).


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