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App review: Pixlr Express

Autodesk's new Pixlr Express app brings truckloads of settings that will please you, keep you busy, and also make your images stand out amongst millions of others.


It's Free The app comes with auto-fix feature Loaded with an exhaustive number of tweaking options.


At first anyone would get confused with so many effects, overlays and border options

Autodesk earned loads of accolades with the image editing and manipulation app Pixlr-o-matic for Android. Now the company has jumped ahead and introduced Pixlr Express, fully loaded with about 600 different effects, overlays and borders to change your picture into anything beautiful you desire it to be. We found it really interesting considering that the Pixlr-o-matic was fun, and we decided to explore it further.

Pixlr Express is like a pro level app but it’s free. Even though apps such as Instagram and Twitter now offer a basic set of photo filters that can be used over your existing app, you always feel you could change it a bit more. Now, you can’t keep capturing and posting plain vanilla images just because you have a mobile phone, and that’s exactly where Pixlr can be used to manipulate images to make them interesting, artistic and better than the bland, sans effects ones.
Pixlr Express
Of course, at first anyone would get confused with so many effects, overlays and border options. However, the best is to experiment and see if the selected effects, overlays and borders suit the final image or not. The app comes with auto-fix that is single tap magic to balance out colours, brightness and dark photos.
Pixlr Express
The app loads with two basic options – camera to click a photo first and gallery to select an existing photo. The Adjustment tab in the app has several options to crop, rotate, sharpen, adjust contrast or colours, and even remove red eye. Once you select one of the adjustment options, you will be driven to choose the level of adjustment that you think is perfect for the image using the adjustment slider. Of course, the result of the chosen adjustment will be visible in semi real-time mode on the image.
Pixlr Express
The effects are where we expect many to go crazy and even overboard with the options offered. From the Effect tab, there are six options visible – unicolor, vintage, creative, soft, subtle and too old. Each of these options has several individual sub options of pre-set filters to choose from. You can also add the effects you mostly use to Favorites and quickly access them whenever you like. Every sub-effect comes with an adjustment slider.
Pixlr Express
Overlays are slightly different from effects for the former take a while to load, depending on your phone’s hardware muscle. Each Overlay option will have further sub-options to be loaded and then the intensity of the overlay can further be adjusted with a slider.
Pixlr Express
Finally the Border, which is widely used on the Instagram social network. Once you start editing your images in Pixlr, all your social network followers are going to be impressed with your image manipulation feats, provided you use the options judiciously.
Pixlr Express
Most of the image filtering options will allow stretching, rotating and other kinds of physical movements to the image as and where possible. Once done, you can choose to save your photo and further share it on your social network by choosing an appropriate size.
Pixlr Express
Instagram for Android users must check out the amazing effects, overlays and border options offered on Pixlr to turn their images into amazing photos. Loaded with an exhaustive number of tweaking options, Pixlr is the app every Android user must download and get busy with, to make photos look better with whatever camera quality the phone offers.

Try out Pixlr Express for your Android device by downloading it from Google Play Store.



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