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App review: Indian Caller Info

With information about the caller's location you never miss that urgent call you were expecting.


Works offline
Tracks landline also Non intruding diplay Manual number tracking available Absolutely Free

Many times we do not have a particular number stored in our mobile phones and we miss that one very important call that we were waiting the whole day for. Well, not anymore; the Indian cellular system now allows users to know the location and the service provider of the caller with a simple web search.
This is important especially considering the series of confusing numbers that have sprung up.

Indian Caller Info is an application that makes the job of finding the location and service provider of an incoming call easy so that you can with a glance know which call to reject. The app works even if the contact has not been saved on your device.

The application has a very small installer of around 400 KB. Immediately after installation, the app displays location and network information of all outgoing and incoming calls.

The application pops up a small widget on the call screen right above the number and the picture area without interfering with any information. Along with that the application has a log system so that if you accidentally miss calls you can still access who all called you and from where.

Also, users can search for STD codes and even do a search for mobile numbers on this app with great ease.

The best part about this application is that it does not slow your device down even a bit. It is very lightweight and has data stored internally on the device so you don’t need to use or have an active GPRS connection while using this app.

Its is a very useful application, but it is not good for those who want to spy on others using a cellphone as there is only so much this app can do and that is to provide information about the mobile phone registration of the user and the cellular service provider he/she is using. Users can head to the Google Play store and download this app or can also use the link to do so.


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