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App Review: Double Twist player

Now sync your playlist and all your songs between your Android phone and your computer without wires.


Boon for music loverseasy functioningUser interafceLight on resources


Limited useCompatibilaty

Ever wondered how much time does an average person spends on syncing up their playlist and songs on thier PCs and devices with their phones?

But there is the Double Twist application that allows users to sync their mobile phones or based devices with the music stored on your computer over the air without any wires.

With the use of the Double twist player, users can easily sync up their songs, favorite radio channels and Pod casts right on their cellphones.

The functioning of this application is pretty simple. It recognises your music related files on your computer out of which the user can select the sync list for the device and once the application is started on the device all data is synced using wireless connections or WiFi.

The software is simple to download and very simple to use when comes to interface, whereas the mobile version is also simple and neatly laid out. To set it up all you need is to download both the PC as well as the device version of this application from the company website (https://www.doubletwist.com/).

After installation all you need to do is to pair up the two devices by simple initiating a paring request from the applications. Once the devices are paired, users can sync media by simply pressing or touching the sync button on the device.

Once the media is synced up, the player starts to seem a little cluttered with the number of songs added up.

The application allows users to sync their iTunes library seamlessly with Android devices also, which earlier seemed impossible and detects any and all audio devices that are connected to the computer automatically.

The interface and the working of the application are good but it takes up time to sync the files, basically the application is a little slow at syncing and a lot of it is also network dependent also. So investing in a faster WiFi is advised.


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