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App Review: Bump

The famous Bump application, that helps transferring data from one phone to other, is now available for Android users for free.


Very usefulFreeLimited compatibilaty


Confusing at timesNeed to repeat bump sometimesnot refined

Bump, an application that helps in transferring data from one phone to other, has launched its version for smartphone users. Developed originally for iPhones, the development is yet another instance of Android’s growing popularity.

The app, as the name suggests, requires you to bump your phone in to another one, literally the way you bump fists with pals to express your friendship!

As soon as you bump your phone with another, the Bump server recognises the connection and stores it for future reference.

Once the connection is established and stored on the Bump server, the two phones are then allowed unlimited data transfer via pictures, contacts and messages in the form of chats from anywhere in the world using any available Internet connection.

The latest version of the software allows users to bump phones having different operating systems too. So, using this app, one can bump an iPhone with an Android handset also.

Thus, it’s a must for those who have a long list of friends and are eager to share data a lot.


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