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App Review: BlacMail – SMS based push mail service

Blacmail is a smart application for those people who do not have a smartphone but still want to access email.


Easy Works on feature phones as wellCost effective


Reuccuring costlimited useInterface

In the world of communications, smartphone is quite a handy device which a person can have. Be it email, or MMS; It allows users to communicate in many possible ways. But what if you do not have a smartphone? Well don’t get disheartened.

Today with the help of convergence all things are getting smarter by the day, today we have a host of applications that allow you to enjoy smartphone based services like push email and that too by using a plain simple sms service. Blacmail is one such example. It is an exciting little application that gives your mobile phone, smartphone like features by the use of a simple service such as SMS.

How it works is very simple, Blacmail uses a mobile phones Sms gateway to send messages to its application server which in turn translates it into an email and sends it to the requested person using email and the process works the other way also in order to receive emails. And this service is not just limited to emails only. Users can use Blacmail application to send out pictures, Videos and tweet with picture and video as well. But for sending videos and pictures it uses available connection and standard data charges are applies as per your plan.

The Blacmail application is available in two variants, the Blacmail-S and the Blacmail-G. As the name hints the S variant is the one that uses the SMS gateway while the other application is GPRS based. Being GPRS based does not mean that it uses only GPRS, the real benefit of Sms based communications is also utilised by this application. Basically the Blacmail-G is a dual mode application that does pretty much everything same as the Blacmail -S but has the intelligence of switching seamlessly between GPRS and Sms mode, which ever is available. It allows users to be connected even while in roaming.

As of now this application is available free of cost for both variants, but company plans to charge a nominal amount for this service going forth. Users who are interested in using this application are advised to use national SMS packs as this application uses national Sms’s.


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