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App review: Auto Call Recorder for Android

Now don't ever lose any message be it important or not so much as your phone will record each and every call if you want it to do so.


Neat interfaceGreat utilityLots of features in free versionDropbox integration


100 call storage for free version

Sometimes there are a few calls which are very important but we forget what the caller said as we got busy in something else. It creates an embarrassing situation as calling back that person to enquire what he said is not the best solution or is advisable either. So what can you do? Well record the call of course but wouldn’t it be nicer if there was a utility that could do all this for you and all you needed to do was receive the call in the regular old fashioned way.
The Auto Call Recorder application for is the perfect and the most appropriate solution for those who receive a ton of calls and have the tendency of forgetting what they were asked to do. The application records the calls but along with that it brings along a host of new and exciting features while automating the whole process of call recording so users can just sit back and relax and talk more freely as there will always be a recording to resort to later on if they forget the message somehow.

Android operating system comes with an inbuilt call recording solution but many of the device makers like Samsung choose to let it go as third party solutions are easily available in the market. And for devices who get this functionality as well they get it at a very basic level with manual recording mode for most conversation as and when the need be.
The Auto Call Recorder allows users to choose between automatic call recording for all the calls that they receive or from the users who are not there on your contact list or no recording at all if you do not feel the need of it. The application also provides a variety of options in terms of audio formats for compatibility and higher sound quality as well; plus users can choose where they need to save the files or recording for easy discovery later on.

The biggest benefit of the Auto Call Recorder is that it allows users to see the recording in a list all inside the application interface for sorting and saving. Although there is a limit of 100 call recordings in the free version but that is more than sufficient for important messages plus users can always buy it pro version if they need more support and features.
One of its best features is the Dropbox integration that allows users to save all the recording on the so that if the need be to share the recording with a group of people they can easily do it using the power of cloud.

The overall look and feel of the application is very neat and is inspired from several other products that we have seen so far. The application was thoroughly tested and we did not see any crashes or freezes during the whole test. The call recordings were automatically moved to the app as soon as they arrived and available for sorting after that very easily.
The application is useful in both the free and the premium mode but yes the price for premium features is little on the higher side – at Rs 360 approximately, but that is a small price to be paid for peace of mind.


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