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App Review: Audio Boo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we have added voice to it too.


good audio record qualityNo limitation on number of clipsinnovative


Limited applicationOnly 3 min clips allowedNo option to edit old clips

Gone are the days when profile posts were limited to just some characters. Now popular social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have started accepting status messages in the form of short audio files as well.

In short, record a message in your own voice and upload it on the website and it will be featured as your profile status message.

But still in order to upload a sound based message, a user needs to record the sound using a recorder, play it back to preview and finally use a to upload it.

However, with the Audio Boo application you can do it all in one single application.

Its use is very simple – open the interface, record your message and this will automatically upload it to the linked Twitter and Facebook account, or which ever account you have configured with the application.

But there is more to the Audio Boo which makes it unique and fun to use.

Users can along with the sound upload their image as well as the location where the boo(Audio) generated. For instance, you are at the cafeteria in your college with a friend, so you record your message, take a picture and upload it using Audio boo, which in turn also locates you using the phone’s and uploads your location along with the picture and the sound to Facebook and Twitter but only after you approve the to do so.

Alternatively users can also use the application to record the boo on its servers which can be shared with other people via or even can be embedded in the personal website or blog.

The application is available free of cost on the Android, oVi and the iPhone app store. Alternatively users can also check out its parent website to get the file to install this application.


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