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Windows Phone 7 devices to get unlocking services

Microsoft is said to have approved the Windows Phone 7 device unlocking solution from ChevronWP7 Labs.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphones will soon be able to install third party apps compatible with their handsets as the company has now approved a jailbreak tool for enabling the installation of homebrew (open source) software on its devices.

The ChevronWP7 team, the trio who developed the first jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 devices, has announced in a blog post that a Windows Phone 7 unlocking service approved by Microsoft will be launched as part of the ChevronWP7 Labs.

ChevronWP7 team’s announcement that the new Windows Phone unlocking service will be approved by Microsoft is quite surprising for many.

The ChevronWP7 Labs website states that the team will be delivering a solution “in collaboration with Microsoft” and that it will charge developers a small fee via PayPal. Microsoft has obviously won brownie points over Apple and Sony, who have always been against jailbreaking hack developers.

It seems that the ChevronWP7 device-unlocking service will most likely be available to developers for a fee. This solution won’t be available for free like the ones on and on Sony devices. Do note that jailbreaking a device is legal in the USA.

Tomorrow, Nokia is expected to announce and show its first Windows Phone 7 handset in Singapore. Microsoft will then have yet another major handset maker for its Windows Phone 7 platform.

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