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The curse of 7: Now Apple iPhone 7 found with some issues

After Samsung's Note 7, it is now the turn of iPhone 7 to hog the limelight but for wrong reasons.

Worldwide 7 is considered as the luckiest number but it doesn’t seems so for Apple and Samsung. Both the companies brought their flagship smartphones of this year with the no 7 – Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Both initially praised but now they are in the limelight for wrong reasons.

Samsung has already recalled the Note 7 for a manufacturing fault that causes it to explode on charging. Meanwhile, reports are started coming from various quarters indicating various types of manufacturing flaws in the Apple iPhone 7.
The curse of 7
As per reports, some users have complained about a home button issues in iPhone 7. Apple this time has introduced a touch capacitive home button which it previously introduced in the new MacBook. However, some users claimed that on pressing the home button, the whole phone vibrates.

Some users, as reported, also claimed that they could not unlock the iPhone 7 while wearing a glove or something which cover their fingers. This is because Apple has done away with the ‘swipe to unlock’ in iOS 10. One has to press the home button in order to unlock. The new home button being touch sensitive, you can’t unlock the device unless the skin comes in contact with the home button.

There is a work around for this though, one can enable the ‘Assistive Touch’ by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch. This will show a dot whenever you move around the screen. In order to unlock the phone, press the sleep button on the right, press the Assistive Touch dot and then press the home button to unlock it.

Another issue is that the new button also executes the Hard Reset so what if you want to hard reset the device? For this one needs to hold the Power/Sleep button and then holding the power button you need to press the Lower Volume button and hold it for five seconds. This will execute the hard reset of the device.

Another issue which users are reporting is a strange ‘hissing’ sound while gaming or any other heavy usage. However, it seems that only a handful of users are experiencing this hissing issue.

Nevertheless, if you own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and has been experiencing any other issues, do let us know in the comment section below.

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