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Mysterious LG smartphone spotted

This is an Android based LG smartphone, and it holds eight shortcuts or icons in the newly uncovered screen. This twin touchscreen Android phone is a pretty fat one and the camera specs are also not known.

A different kind of LG smartphone has been spotted at an event &#151 in fact it has turned out to be so different that die hard gamers have been left gasping for more information about it.

The phone was discovered by Pocket-lint at a London event. In the first instance, it looks like the usual smartphone but once the keypad is slided out from the middle, another touchscreen surfaces, located right in the middle.

This is an based LG smartphone and it holds eight shortcuts in the newly uncovered screen. This twin touchscreen Android phone most likely doesn’t match any of the news stories circulating on the net so far. There is no information on the camera. Once the users tap the icon on the second touchscreen, the launches on the main screen of the phone.

There may be more alterations to the design before it is released in the market, since LG labels its cameras and this isn’t the case with it. Probably that’s the reason why the phone was bulkier than usual, it didn’t seem to be ready for production.

If the icons on the second screen as given in the image by Pocket-lint are anything to go by, users may be able to customise all the icons on the second screen. The display quality was not all that good, so it may turn out to be one of the less costlier LG phones.

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