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Kinectimals to offer connectivity between Windows Phone and Xbox 360

Microsoft will enable connectivity option for Xbox 360 owners to port characters of the game Kinectimals to the Windows Phone device.

Microsoft has decided to take the connectivity between its Windows Phone platform and Xbox 360 to the next level. Melissa Stewart of Microsoft confirmed to WPCentral that Kinectimals for Windows Phone now can be connected to the Xbox 360 version.

Kinectimals is a video game for the Xbox 360 where players can interact with virtual animals in a manner akin to pets, gameplay includes activities such as teaching tricks to the animal, guiding the animal around an obstacle course, and free-form play.

However, this doesn’t mean Windows Phone can be used simultaneously with Xbox 360. But, one can always export Kinectimals characters to the Windows Phone from Xbox 360.

Several Xbox 360 game console owners were interested to see how the Windows Phone integration would work. As the first step, Microsoft will enable exporting Xbox 360 game characters to the Windows Phone. It is too early to even expect of using Windows Phone device to control the Xbox 360 game console.

Melissa Stewart, the Microsoft representative, explained: “You can import your favourite pet to your Windows Phone from your Xbox 360 by simply holding the phone up to the TV screen and capturing the QR code from the pet. The phone will recognise the code and add the pet to the mobile experience. Players can export their favourite mobile pets into their Kinect for Xbox 360 Kinectimals game by holding their Windows Phone up to their Kinect sensor which will read the QR code assigned to their pet and add it to their console experience. If players are logged onto their WP and Xbox 360 consoles with the same Xbox LIVE credentials, this process will happen automatically.”

Microsoft may bring simultaneous usage of Windows Phone 8 with Xbox 360 in the much anticipated Windows Phone 8 Apollo mobile operating system expected sometime late next year.

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