Is Android beating the iPhone?

By: Prasoon Kumar, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Android seems to be beating the iPhone hands down. Comparisons between Apple's iOS and Android, though, might reveal another story.
Android is destroying everyone, especially RIM and iPhone, Business Insider recently said, citing comScore's report that reported that Android's market share in the USA has risen by 7 percentage points to 33 per cent.

According to the report , iPhone should feel like its future is going for a toss.

It is argued that technology platform markets tend to crystallise around one big player, and that Android is that platform. This further creates a domino effect because buyers choose the platform that appears to have a better future, with more users.

The website also argued that many more handset makers would vouch for Android if it starts offering the software more actively to them.

Android's runaway success would appear to be the iPhone's loss, but the products cannot be compared.

Market observers just compare the sales figures of Android phones (from several handset makers) and iPhone devices, and declare that Android is winning hands down.

Apple has three extremely popular devices — iPod, iPad and iPhone, which run on the same platform. Even the Mac operating system is likely to have some iOS features soon, so the number of people opting for the Apple ecosystem is likely to grow substantially.

Comparisons between Apple's ecosystem and that of Android are legitimate and so far there is no saying which one is more promising.

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