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INQ launches Cloud Touch, the next version of Facebook phone

INQ Cloud Touch is the Facebook phone which allows you to call just by tapping the profile page photo of your friend.

The handset Cloud Touch from INQ (pronounced as ink) comes with some deep Facebook integration. It is targeted at teenagers who are mostly crazy about texting with friends, and those who spend most part of their day on Facebook.

The company is also known for launching the first phone which was endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg. So naturally, while talking about the phone, if users get carried away about the Facebook part of it, it’s understandable but the keyboard technology used in the phone should not be forgotten. Don’t look for Facebook branding also, though there is a dedicated key to access Spotify, the music streaming service.

It runs on Android Froyo (better than the previous BREW application platform) and has a built in music streaming service Spotify as well. The moment users unlock the phone, they’ll notice the constantly updating news feed and the fact that they can write on someone’s wall via the same menu. They can also call any friend just by tapping on the profile photo of that friend.

Those who have worked with SwiftKey and know about the Fluency engine, will know how its keyboard works. For others, the screen predicts what possible sentences the users might be typing, and they just have to make the selection to type it. It’s also important to mention the keyboard because the very concept of INQ Cloud Touch is completely typing oriented.

The company behind SwiftKey and Fluency, TouchType, had presented its primary typing concept product on prototype tablet also, but they were trying to strike deals with various companies at the same time. TouchType, however, makes it clear that the keyboard in INQ Cloud Touch is its own, though they have used consulting advice from TouchType and licensed the prediction engine for it.

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