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How Apple kept users interested in its iPhone and iPad

Hype alone does not sell iPads and iPhones — it's the product that backs up the hype.

No other smartphone, or even tablet, has seen so much buzz in the market as have Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The long queues outside Apple stores during the launch of each version of these devices are testimony to this fact.

A question that arises here is how Apple manages to keep people’s curiosity alive each time it launches a product. Most analysts and media commentators attribute this to Apple’s marketing strategy.

But no product can be sold in hordes on the basis of hype or a positive media image alone. More often than not, Apple’s products are ahead of their time and they satiate the interest created by the hype. Products from Apple do have their share of problems but in spite of that they have a long list or ardent followers.

There are other companies that manage to create hype around their products but fail to back it up with a great product.

The hype, especially on the internet, is often incoherent. Speculative commentators and bloggers just add to the incoherence.

But in terms of marketing, all this chatter on the web ends up building just the right amount of interest around Apple products.

Apple’s strategy of maintaining secrecy also creates an element of surprise around its products, thus fostering constant discussion about them in the market.

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