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Google+ mobile site gets two new features

The new What's Hot and Who +1'd features would soon be added to Android and iOS versions of the app too.

Google team is rolling out two new features for the Google+ social network’s mobile website and will soon be added to its iOS and Android apps.

On the two new features, Tom Charytoniuk, associate product manager for Google+, on his Google+ timeline said: “What’s Hot and see who +1’d a post. Both of these features are currently implemented only on the HTML5 based Google+ mobile website.”

Google is improving its Google+ social networking platform by baby steps and crumbs of new improvements are being rolled out every month.

The What’s Hot feature is like a trending stream that shows list of the posts that are being shared or commented on. The What’s Hot column would be available as one of the views in the User’s post stream.

Users can track the posts that are being most discussed or shared in their stream using the ‘What’s Hot’ feature. Also, users can get to see all people who have +1’d a particular post, which is similar to the Facebook feature that lets user see who all have hit “Like” button for particular post.

Both new features would be included in the next updates for the Google+ app for the Android and the iOS platforms.

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