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Dual-Core, LTE enabled Windows Phone smartphones coming soon

It has been over one and a half year since Microsoft made Windows Phone operating system based devices available.

Microsoft seems determined to launch more powerful Windows Phone devices to compete with high-end Google Android loaded devices. Andrew Lees, president of Windows Phone division, Microsoft was quoted as saying by AllThingsD that dual-core processor bearing and LTE networks supporting Windows Phone models are in pipeline for release.

It has been over one and a half year since Microsoft made Windows Phone operating system based devices available. With standard set of hardware specifications, several features were missing on the software front from the first batch of Windows Phone devices. That gap was attempted to be filed with the NoDo and Mango updates by Microsoft.

On the hardware front, Google Android based smartphones continue to offer large variety of handsets with modern day hardware such as dual-core mobile processors, dual-core graphics processors and even 4G Long Term Evolution chips. However, such high end hardware has not been used so far in the Windows Phone operating system running models.

Andrew Lees defended that stating, “Our first (release) was about mindshare, and really getting the credibility, and I think (Mango) is really about starting to build unit volume and market share.”

Lees also said that the current crop of Windows Phone would hold up well even against the dual-core Android smartphones.

Microsoft is working hard on the Windows Phone software front to make it ready for the dual-cores. That means the software and the applications would actually take advantage of the multi-core processors significantly against marginal bumps.

With regards to the LTE networks supporting devices, Lees said, “The first LTE phones were big and big (users) of the battery, and I think it’s possible to do it in a way that is far more efficient, and that’s what we will be doing.”

At this moment, all LTE supporting Android smartphones come in bigger form factor as the LTE modem SoC chips available currently are large in size to be accommodated on the mobile phone’s main board (Motherboard).

Lees said that Microsoft is already working hard on the next major version of Windows Phone (dubbed Apollo). He also added that the company may or may not release any minor update before the release of next Windows Phone OS.

Though Lees did not confirm any time period for LTE models release but all potential customers and well-informed fans need to wait until next year second half of next year. However, we may get to see more dual-core mobile processor based handsets earlier next year.

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