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Crucial Android Security Checklist in 2019

Poor Android security choices have led to millions of data breaches and security attacks, leaving people’s data exposed to hackers. Android users are making it way too easy for hackers to breach their systems and steal data.

Cyber security threats and data breaches compromised the data of over 100 million users in 2018. Data breaches are a serious security issue that can lead to consequences such as identity theft and financial fraud. We have already stepped foot into 2019, and the rising trend of security attacks is not changing.

However, it’s still not too late to take care of security measures that can protect users’ data and keep Android smartphones safe. In this write-up, we want to help you choose the best virtual private network (VPN) for your Android mobile to have peace of mind but before that let’s began with the checklist.

Android Security Checklist

#1 Check Your Google Account

Start by checking which applications and services have access to your Google account. Apps connected to Google accounts can steal data and expose it to larger security threats, especially if we are talking about apps downloaded from unreliable sources. Remove any applications that you are not using. The fewer services are connected to the Google account, the less risk your Android device will be exposed to.

#2 Check the Installed Applications

Go through all applications installed on the device and delete the unnecessary ones. Make sure to check which apps have permissions to contacts, camera, and files. If an application is asking for different permissions unrelated to its function, consider this a red flag and a sign that you should uninstall that app immediately.

#3 Keep Your Device Locked

Leaving a phone unlocked or unattended makes it easy for people to access your data and take advantage of it. That’s why users should always keep Android devices locked, using either biometric locking systems or other solutions such as pins, patterns, or passwords. Those who want an extra layer of protection on their device can set up two-factor authentication systems that will require double verification.

#4 Use a Security App

There are plenty of anti-virus and security applications available on the market. Most scanning apps are free, whereas users can also opt for paid versions for extra features. It is important to use a scanning system at least once a week to monitor the device and applications installed on it. The system will inform the user if there are any security threats or viruses on their device.

#5 Connect to a VPN

It is advisable to use VPN when browsing the internet on an Android device especially while using unprotected networks at restaurants, coffee shops, or other public locations. A VPN will securely encrypt data and route it through distant servers, making it invisible to hackers and third parties.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Android

A VPN is the most important and most efficient security asset for Android smartphone. However, not every VPN is reliable and efficient enough when it comes to keeping intruders away from personal data. For example, free VPNs might sound convenient, but they don’t offer high levels of security. Besides, most VPNs slow down connection speeds and log users’ data for their own advertising purposes. Therefore, we recommend investing in a reliable virtual private network service instead of opting for free and ineffective ones.

When it comes to choosing the best VPN for Android, it is important to keep a few factors in mind. For starters, the provider should offer a variety of locations and servers in case the user needs to change their virtual location to a specific country. The most important factors are connection speed and encryption protocols. The VPN should provide fast servers and many different protocols to ensure multiple levels of protection. It is also a good idea to look for providers who offer 24/7 live chat support in case of any issues or questions regarding their service.

Take away

Poor Android security choices have led to millions of data breaches and security attacks, leaving people’s data exposed to hackers. Android users are making it way too easy for hackers to breach their systems and steal data. We hope to raise awareness regarding the importance of Android security and get as many users as possible to protect their devices in 2019.

Most of these security measures like implementing the Android security checklist and installing a VPN are very simple and shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes to complete. Have a safe mobile experience!

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