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How to use a mobile phone camera to the max

A few precautions you should take to click the perfect shot.

Today almost every mobile phone comes with an inbuilt camera, but few people seem to be satisfied with their devices.

A camera might have some bias towards a color tint or lighting, but ultimately it’s how one uses the device that matters. Once you know how to utilise your cell phone camera in the best possible way, you will certainly get better results.

So here are some simple rules one must follow while taking pictures using a cellphone camera:

1. Many people hold their breath while clicking pictures, whereas the idea is to move around the subject till you get the perfect shot. Relying on your eyes is better than relying on those signs and numbers that might appear on the screens of some mobile phones.

2. Light is one of the most important aspects in photography. Make sure the subject is facing the light so it is clearly visible.

3. Click many pictures if you are not a professional, and sort the best ones later.

4. Focus on the subject you are about to click. If it seems a little hazy, try moving to or away from it; different cameras have different focal lengths.

5. Dust accumulates on the camera’s lens over the course of time, so it is advisable to clean the lens before you start shooting.

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