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How safe are you from cyber frauds?

Did you know that NCRB’s 2020 report showed that there was a jump of over 63.5% in cybercrimes in just one year? And the scary part is that it’s only growing every year. With a wider reach of the internet in India, the risks related to it are also just growing.

The dependency on digital mediums during the Covid outbreak, be it working from home or more UPI transactions, has only attracted more cybercriminals to the field. From financial frauds to threat to privacy, there are risks of cybercrimes everywhere. That explains the many campaigns you see on being careful with sharing your personal details, PIN passwords and more.

So what can you do to keep your family safe?

Cybercriminals have proven to be quite fast when it comes to online frauds. They’ve been taking advantage of almost all weaknesses in the system, whether it is an unsecured website or the user’s lack of know-how. But since the internet is the root of these crimes, it should also be the first line of defence against attacks, right? Well, Airtel thought the same, and they have a solution for us. One of the largest internet providers in India is also the safest now.

Airtel Xstream Fiber has added another layer of security to their broadband connections that can help us avoid such scams. They are calling this feature Secure Internet, which doesn’t just protect you from risky websites but also from viruses and malware that can make their way into your devices from the internet.

It’s a subscription-based feature that offers the first month free and subsequent months are charged at a nominal fee of Rs 99. It’s a small price for our safety and peace of mind, isn’t it?

One great thing about this feature is that it operates on broadband level, so all devices connected from the Wi-Fi benefit from it. This ensures that the family members who might not be as tech-savvy as you or who could easily fall prey to online frauds, are also protected. You can activate the feature and control it from the Airtel Thanks app in just a few steps.

But the benefits don’t end here. While Secure Internet can help you stay safe from online frauds, it can also increase productivity. If you find it difficult to break free from social media and streaming apps during work hours, or if kids spend their study hours playing games, then you can get a break from these distractions as well.

With Secure Internet, you can block selective website or app categories temporarily so you can work without interruptions. You can also block objectionable content from reaching your kids through the Child Safe mode available in the service.

There are risks on the internet, no doubt about it. But with the right internet provider, it can be a great experience for the entire family. Secure Internet is a pioneering move that lays the benchmark for service providers to be aware of their user’s requirements and anticipate their needs.

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