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Tablet review: Samsung Galaxy Tab P620

A classy Android device with smartphone like calling, but with speedy tablet functionality as well.


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With Android, Samsung has emerged as one of the top manufacturers globally and the kind of expertise it has gained being in the market so long is evident in each of its products.

We have the Galaxy Tab P620 at out test labs for a review. This tablet comes with a 7 inch display with 3G calling functionality without the need to use a headset even. So let’s find out how good the Galaxy Tab P620 really is.

First looks and build quality

Samsung Galaxy Tab P6220 looks like a bigger more bulky cousin of the very popular Samsung Galaxy Note. The P 6220 leaves the user impressed with its first looks. The device has a flush front with thick black borders surrounding the display. Hidden on the upper part of the device is the ear piece, which makes communication easier but a little to awkward due to the large size of the tablet. The bottom features a chrome Samsung logo. That pretty much sums up the face of the P 6200, and all thanks to Honeycomb 3.2 there is no need for physical buttons on the device for controlling it.

Tab P6220 comes with a glossy white back that gives it a touch of class and makes it somewhat immune to minor smudges as they are slightly less visible on white as compared to black. There is a silver colour along the side trim of the device that further enhances its look.

The body is made of poly carbonate plastic that gives it strength and makes it lightweight too. The plastic casing of the tablet is a single colour throughout, so after some months of use it will show signs of discoloration and fading. Although the build quality of the device is superb due to its big size it is prone to damage due to falls. The tablet has a scratch resistant surface on the display though.


The design as we mentioned earlier is quite similar to the Galaxy Note but only bigger. The device is without any doubt slim and lightweight, and that makes it easy to hold and carry for long periods as well. The device features a simple interface with three physical buttons, all of which are on the right side. They are for controlling power and volume.

The display uses capacitive touch technology and therefore there is no recession in the screen bevel, and the front of the device has an even finish. The lack of buttons certainly makes for a neat design, and makes the device quite eye-catching.

All the speaker and connectivity ports are right at the bottom of the device. This makes the device easy to use while it is charging. Samsung uses a proprietary charging and data port so users have to carry the cable with them at all times.

Display and touch

The display is a 7 inch one capable of 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. Also, the density of the display is 170 pixels per square inch so there is a high level of clarity and hardly any pixilation. In terms of colour reproduction the display is quite vibrant although not as good as the AMOLED display featured on Galaxy smartphones, but there are no complaints with it. Although in normal conditions the display is easily legible, against bright light it falls short of the required brightness levels.

The touch is quite responsive and accurate as well, especially useful for selecting links while browsing., The TouchWiz user interface works perfectly with the device’s hardware and results in perfect response every time, especially while playing games.


Samsung Galaxy Tab P620 utilizes an Exynos 4210 dual core processor running at 1.2 GHz, which is the secret of its performance. The processor is coupled with 1 GB of RAM. This means applications load and perform without any lag. Both gaming and multitasking are zippy.

While gaming, although the tablet tends to heat up a little and the left hand side of the device gets all the heat because of the processor being there, no change in performance is noticeable. Samsung has included a neat task manager utility in the device and one can simply go to the app and free some RAM just in case they feel the performance starting to lag.

Calling is one of the integral features of the P620 and because of the dedicated earpiece on this device it is possible to make calls even without a handsfree. Call quality is good even though holding it against the ear can be a bit too absurd.

Overall on the performance front the device is flawless and does every task with great ease and finesse.


The device connects to the internet thorough WiFi and 3G. It uses a standard sized SIM slot so users won’t have to upgrade to a micro SIM. Data speeds are a network dependent feature but the device’s internals deliver impeccable performance while calling as well as surfing.

For wireless transfers there is Bluetooth 3.0, which is speedy but requires an equally matched device to perform to its full potential. While using Bluetooth it was noticed, however, that the battery drains faster than it does on WiFi.

Apart from that the device features the multiple connectivity option through the proprietary port the USB cable is bundled with the device but users will have to buy other connectors like USB and HDMI separately.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab P620 is a multimedia powerhouse and supports most audio and video codecs natively, plus users can easily download applications from the Android marketplace as well. P620 features 16 GB of internal storage which can be used to store movies, apps, music, pictures and documents, and if you run out of space you can expand it to 64 GB via SDHC cards.

The device features a 2 megapixel front facing camera that is good for high definition video calling although the application is necessary to utilize the full benefit of the camera. At the rear there’s a 3 megapixel camera with inbuilt flash for illumination in low light. The quality of the camera is good in bright to medium light conditions, while in low light the camera automatically uses the flash. Pictures taken in bright light are sharp but at night or in low light images turn rather grainy. Yet, picture quality is better than most devices offer.

Battery life

One major advantage of this device is its battery backup. With normal gaming, audio or video use and web browsing over both 3G and WiFi the device usually lasts for two days between full recharges.

The 4000 mAh battery pack might sound small but in reality the device’s hardware has been fine tuned to balance power consumption and performance. It justifies the low brightness level to some extent.


Samsung P620 is a great looking device that has some superb performance to offer. It is great for anyone who is planning to buy a tablet that includes everything. Anything you can think of is here apart from Android Ice Cream Sandwich as Samsung is yet to release the update for this device.

All in all Honeycomb 3.2 is good for this device and the device has been completely optimized for it. With the tablet available between Rs 25,000 and Rs 27,000 it makes perfect sense for any tablet buyer with that kind of money to simply buy it.


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