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Game Review: Robo Defense

Hours of fun while strategising what you want to do with the robots that are coming take over your castle.


Innovativeskillfullcreative gameplay


single player onlyrepetetiveonly one map in free version

Gone are the days when gaming used to be just limited to car racing, flying planes and occasionally taking the character from one place to another while competing the objective.

Now is the time for devising the perfect strategy to save yourself and your castle which houses the last few survivors of a robot army attack. The game, Robot Defense, is however not based on the Terminator movie.

The robot defense is a real time strategy game in which you plan out ways to ward of the constantly growing attack by the robot army that wants to take the castle.

The users have to deploy weapons to defend themselves from the army. The weapons can also be upgraded by using the money that is earned by killing or destroying the robots.

The game starts at the very basic or zero level with the minimum possible difficulty but as the game progresses the difficulty increases and thereby increasing the number of robots attacking, and also sending more and more difficult opponents which require a higher level of skill or strategy to kill.

The game is very light on hardware but it doesn’t affects the overall gaming experience.

The game is available on the Google market place in three main variants, two free and one paid. The paid version has five different map areas, along with greater number of upgrades and more difficulty levels to cross. Whereas the free version is a stripped down version which has just one map and limited difficulty levels to play.

Overall the free version is free of ads and gives the same feel as the paid version so don’t worry if you don’t want to by the full version. But if you are interested then you can also buy the full version for just Rs 135 (Current price).


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