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Game Review: Mouse Trap

It is a very basic game to play that promises hours of fun.


Brain teasingInnovativegreat for childrenversy light on resources


no musicno animations

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, said the great Leornado Da Vinci. This goes perfectly with the game Mouse Trap.

The game is possibly one of the simplest puzzle games ever made but has all the ingredients to keep players of all age on the tenterhook.

The story idea behind the game is to move bricks and other obstacles from the mouse’s path and let it exit. The levels are simpler in the beginning and as you progress through the game, the intensity and the level of difficulty increase with more complex puzzles and unmovable tiles in the way.

The mouse knows only one way and that is to go straight. So you have to wear your thinking cap on and move the obstacles out of the way.

If you completely run out of ideas then you have the option to restart the level or get a hint which gives a step by step guidance on the way to finish the level.

But don’t use it unnecessarily as there is a cap limit of one help per hour; so use wisely and exercise your grey matter a little more.

With over 400 levels presently, it is sure that this game will never let you get bored and in the unlikely event of you finishing all the levels sooner than expected, there is a developer team that is constantly updating the game and adding more levels to cater to their users.

Users can enjoy this game free of cost as it is an advertisement supported application without any paid alternatives. The absence of internet connectivity will not affect game play. Users can visit the store to download this or can also follow the link for the same.


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