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Game Review: Galaxy on Fire

Plunge into an inter-galactic battle and become a hero.


Impressive storylineGood graphicsimmersive music


Big download sizeRepetative fights

Galaxy on Fire takes motion gaming on mobile devices to a whole new level of excitement. You find yourself in the middle of a never ending fight between the social and antisocial elements of society. Only, this time society is not just limited to your state or country, nor even to your planet, but is spread across galaxies.

The game takes you into the future when inter galactic travel has become a day to day affair. You play the part of Keith Maxwell, an intergalactic pilot who is hired for a few initial missions and once he learns the job, he sets out to make his own identity in the universe.

The storyline is not very complex but has some twists and feels like a big emotional movie.
It goes like this: Keith Maxwell is called upon by law abiding people to help them out in a few basic missions, which he does well. He is asked for help in a few more missions by Christine, the only lady in the story, who helps him in every mission with guidance and tips. Christine dies in a battle prompting Maxwell to take revenge and he sets out to rid the universe of all antisocial elements.

Playtime of the game is long because there are multiple levels and space dimensions to play in. Once a player finishes the initial basic missions, he becomes a free pilot who can choose where he wants to be and what he wants to do. He is sent on a plethora of missions from across galaxies that enable him to earn money and continually upgrade his ship so he can fly faster, and with more lethal weapons.

The graphics are of top quality and you always crave for a bigger screen version of this game but sadly there is none. The game can be played by the touchscreen based joy pad or accelerometer. Newer cellphones can also make use of the gyroscope sensor for better movement and controls.

Galaxy on Fire is very easy to play and gives ample tips for the player to learn and improve over every mission.

Some features like auto save and manual save are much appreciated. They allow users to continue the game from where they left off.

The game is a big hit. This can be gauged from the fact that Nokia has included it as the default game in its flagship phone, the Nokia N8, on which we reviewed it.

Others can download Galaxy on Fire from the Ovi application store. However, its price may vary from platform to platform.

But one question: Why did Fish Labs, the makers of the game, name it Galaxy on Fire when the battle moves beyond the milky way to many other galaxies?


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