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App Review: SMS 2.0 Live

A truly next generation short messaging application that is the combination of both utility and features.


FreeInnovativeWorks on feature phones


AdvertisementRplaces default applicationReciever needs the same app to see complete messages

Short Services or is probably one of the most used services in the world today. From youngsters to the elderly, almost everyone who uses or owns a mobile phone is aware of the service and has used it. SMS today is one of the fastest modes for communication that is preferred over phone calls as it leaves the person free to invest his/her time in other tasks.

Introducing SMS 2.0 Live

Brain child of a UK based mobile phone solutions provider, Affle, the SMS 2.0 Live application is the update to the conventional SMS service, while adding more value to it.

This application is similar to any other SMSing application found on a mobile phone except that this application uses the mobile internet or GPRS, which makes the whole process of sending and receiving short messages interactive and free of cost.


The installation of this application is very simple. All you need to do is visit SMS2.com, select download, select your service provider, and then enter your mobile number. The website will send you the download link direct to your phone.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, the SMS 2.0 Live application replaces the native SMS client while keeping the placement of icons and services intact. Using it usually takes around 10 minutes to complete the whole process of downloading and installing.


The layout is slightly different from that of a standard messaging application but is simple and easy to use. Users, after the installation, would hardly notice any difference in between the native application and SMS 2.0 Live.


At the core of the SMS 2.0 Live application is an internet (GPRS) data based application that sends free messages to other users. But the catch here is that the other user should also have the same application installed on his phone in order to receive messages on their device.
But, if the other person does not have SMS 2.0 Live, then this application sends messages using the normal SMS medium.

The Data mode works when this application shows all its features. Users can completely customise the messages by tweaking the background, font colour, size or with the use of multiple emoticons to express themselves better. In the non-data or the SMS mode, users can use emoticons but other things will not be supported by other devices.


The application is available free of cost and the service is also free to use. All the user needs to pay is for the data charges which the application uses to connect to mobile internet.

The cost of running the services is fulfilled by advertisements, which are shown to the users while using the application. While installing, the application prompts the user for preferences, such as sports, cooking, or traveling, basing upon which users are shown advertisements.

The placement of the advertisements has been done in such a way that it is completely non-intrusive. The advertisements are usually shown at the bottom of the screen as you type your messages. Once the SMS is sent, the user is shown an advertisement again based on the preference right after the message goes out of the outbox in the form of an image banner on the whole screen which the user can choose to see further or ignore completely an go back to application.


Overall the SMS 2.0 Live is a noble concept of mixing advertisements with messaging. With data charges getting lower, it is a good way to save money on messages. While messaging, the placement of the advertisement is done in a subtle way but the full screen banner advertisements might not be liked by many users as it might lead the user to completely lose focus and go to something totally different.

The application definitely increases the usability and adds a new dimension to messaging all together. For users who are hooked on to internet this application adds a whole new dimension but for non data users it will turn out to be the exact opposite.


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