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App review: Truecaller

Making calls from unknown numbers-a thing of the past. Truecaller really is an online phonebook.


Free applicationApplication is very simpleLightweight and utilizes GPRS data without ads



Today, connecting with anyone anywhere is as simple as dialing the person’s number. But some people take advantage of this freedom and irritate people by calling them at all the wrong times and places. Mobile numbers today are present in many places such as Facebook profiles, Google profiles and chances are that if you are searching for a particular person’s contact you can find it on Google. Sounds great if you have to call someone desperately, but what if you are on the receiving end of these calls? Then getting calls from unknown numbers can be quite risky and annoying.

While there are many smartphone applications that tell you about the origin of a call, Truecaller is one utility that promises to deliver even the name of the caller. While claims sound good we test out the application to find out what it’s really worth.
Truecaller first off is a free application, which raises a suspicion among many users as to how and why they are offering this service. Well, the Truecaller service is based on helping its users globally. Truecaller is a global phonebook service, which brings all the contact information of the world into your smartphone, phone number wise.
The application is very simple and it integrates itself beautifully with the smartphone. It scouts the global number database and returns the available information as per servers on the screens of users so that you can be sure which call you should answer and which you should ignore. Truecaller can help you identify who is calling you and from where so that you know which calls to pick up and which ones to ignore, saving you time and effort.
Truecaller application is a database of phone numbers and names that it collects from publicly available sources to populate its databases. Users have the option to choose whether to share their existing phonebooks with the application or not and contrary to popular belief the application does not steal phonebook data.
The application takes just a few seconds to search for the person who is calling based on the mobile number, and it tells you about the person in advance. The is lightweight and utilizes data without ads, and it is really helpful.

It has a very nice layout and users can also control for how much longer a prompt should appear on the screen so that the information is grasped, and it does not annoy users either.

The application has a very small installation size of around 2.4 MB. It pops up a small widget on the caller screen info right above the number and the picture area without interfering with anything or any information. Along with that the application also has a log system so that if you accidentally miss calls you can still access who all called you. Users can also do a quick search for mobile numbers on this app.

The best part about this application is that it is very lightweight and very light on connectivity as well. It utilizes tiny amounts of GPRS data while using the number search functionality.

Truecaller is a very useful application but it is no good for those who want to spy on others using cellphones as there is only so much this app can do and that is to provide information about the mobile phone user and the cellular service provider he/she is using.


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