How Apple Could Turn Its Delayed AI Rollout To Its Own Benefit

Apple is working with both OpenAI and Google to integrate new AI features in iOS 18, its major upcoming software update.

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Despite being one of the largest technology companies and having powerful hardware and high-level expertise at hand, Apple clearly missed AI bandwagon and so, one would think the brand’s delayed entry into the AI segment would be a huge setback for it. However, Apple is making sure that doesn’t happen and here’s how the brand is trying to convert its delayed AI rollout to its own benefit.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple is closely working with OpenAI for an AI deal which has nearing completion. Its unclear how Apple will use OpenAI’s expertise in the field and what role ChatGPT will play but Mark Gurman says that OpenAI could power some 18 features, including a chatbot which would have the AI smarts of ChatGPT.

While this may seem that Apple skipped Google for the AI deal, that’s not the case. The report further states that Apple is still in talks with Google for a collaboration but they aren’t close to finalising it at the moment. Google has Gemini Nano powering multiple AI features in its own smartphones and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices along with a Gemini chatbot as well. Again, its not clear as to which capability Apple will be taking advantage of and how it will implement it but the Californian brand will make sure it makes the best out of the deal.

This doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t have its own LLM. While it does have an LLM that’s available only internally inside the company and is supposedly codenamed “Ajax”, there’s no word on whether it could ever make a public debut or is only designed for the internal functions of the organisation.

How Apple Could Benefit From The Deals?

While Apple may have missed the opportunity to be first at AI, it’s clearly approaching the situation in a strategic manner. It’s possible that Apple faced delays in readying its own Ajax LLM for public release and couldn’t wait further to implement AI in its software as by that time, the competition would have gone much further than where they already are. As a result, Apple chose two companies to collaborate with, that also happen to be the best in business at the moment.

OpenAI is already excelling in the AI race with its ChatGPT and powering Microsoft’s Copilot. On the other hand, Google is giving it a tough competition with Gemini models and powering on-device AI capabilities on smartphones from brands like OPPO, OnePlus and Samsung, which means the brand has enough experience in the area for Apple to consider it. Apple seems to be trying to make the best out of both worlds in a collaboration where it could power Generative AI features in its upcoming iOS 18 software update from both OpenAI and Google.

By tapping into Google’s Gemini AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Apple could significantly enhance Siri’s functionality, making it a more powerful and intuitive assistant. In addition, a dedicated chatbot powered by either of the two’s AI models could be a sweet new addition too. Its suggested that Apple is also working on features like AI webpage summaries such as the one Samsung introduced in its own with Galaxy AI.

The potential partnership could be mutually beneficial. For Apple, it means access to state-of-the-art AI without the need to develop similar capabilities from scratch. For Google and OpenAI, it represents an opportunity to expand their reach to Apple’s vast user base, further embedding their AI into everyday use.

As the tech world eagerly anticipates Apple’s next move, the potential integration of Google and OpenAI’s AI smarts could mark a new era for Apple, one where AI becomes a cornerstone of its innovation strategy.


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