Zelda: Tears of Kingdom - Walton’s Treasure Hunt Quest Guide

In the game Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, there is a character Walton - a korok in Deku Tree. We need to find some hidden items to finish the Walton's Treasure Hunt quest.

In Korok Forest

Find a Forest Dweller Sword and Spear.

In order to find spear, look at the right side of Walton, and stand on the edge. Look at North direction, you will find leaning Spear.

How to Find Spear?

In order to find the sword, there will be a shelf behind the Walton's top side. Bring these items together and submit them to walton.

How to Find Sword?

Find Forest Sweller Shield

In order to find the Forest Dweller Shield, take a glance above the Doku Tree

Get this items by collecting them, take them to Walton, and complete the quest.

Complete the quest