Top 10 Best Survival games for PlayStation 4

The genre of Survival games has been everyone's favourite. Here are the top 10 games that you can play on PlayStation 4.

Little Nightmares is a horror survaival game in which character Six has to escape The Maw. The Maw is world filled with distorted happenings.

Little Nightmares

Obviously, how can Minecraft be left unlisted! Enjoy this survival game in a pixels art style.


Rust is a multiplayer survival video game, where everyone wants a bullet in your head. Show your skills and survive the deadly island.


Conan Exiles starts in the world of Conan . Get yourself a weapon and do anything to be conqueror and for survival.

Conan Exiles

DayZ is a hardcore open world sandbox survival game where 60 players run for a single agenda - live and kill others.


Days Gone is a zombie survival game using a open world as a platform. It is the story of Deacon St. John who tries to survive the world.

Days Gone

Dying Light shares a common genre with Days Gone, but the title is set in post apocalyptic world, full of hungry zombies.

Dying Light

ARK Survival Evolved is a action-adventure survival game, where players must survive on the land full of roaming dinosaurs.

ARK Survival

Stranded Deep starts in a desert after a plane crash. Being a total newbie in this environment, show your skills to get out of the desert.

Stranded Deep