Self Driving Car: Top 10 Challenges Ahead


There are many challenges that self-driving cars will have to overcome before they can become widely adopted

Apple going slow on Titan self-driving technology project goals Tesla admits selk driving technology is a  failure, but it’s not a fraud. Ford and VW-backed autonomous vehicle technology company, ‘Argo AI, suspended operations due to lack of funding.



Ensuring the safety of passengers and other road users



Developing reliable and robust artificial intelligence systems.

Complex Situations


Overcoming technical challenges, such as accurately perceiving the environment and making decisions in complex situations.

Legal and regulatory issues


Addressing legal and regulatory issues, such as liability and insurance.



Building the necessary infrastructure, such as dedicated lanes and charging stations.



Convincing the public that self-driving cars are safe and reliable.



 Managing cybersecurity threats to prevent hacking and other malicious attacks.

Weather Conditions


 Ensuring that self-driving cars can operate in a wide range of weather conditions.



 Developing standards and protocols for communication between self-driving cars and other vehicles on the road

Moral Issues


 Addressing ethical concerns, such as how self-driving cars should handle difficult moral dilemmas.