BGMI: 5 best tips and tricks to play like a pro

BGMI which was banned in July 2022 is now back in action. Check out this best tips and tricks to play like a pro.

Try all weapons

Don't just focus on couple of guns, try out and master each and every weapon.


BGMI is more than just having kills. In upper tiers, it will be the team that is going to aid you.

three fingers

Its not always that the three finger gameplay will always help you, but it enables one to shoot when in motion.

Use Gyroscope

In case of sniping, using Gyroscope can be of a huge essence in dealing with long-range players.


Getting more experience will surely enable you to predict the movements of enemies, and anticipate our moves.


Given are some of the most important tips that most of the players miss. Adding them in gameplay can enhance your performace.