Free Fire: 5 Pro Tips to Get in Master tier

Clash Squad Mode is little different from regular battles. Here, four versus four combats are held within a smaller area

perfect squad

Having a perfect squad can increase co-ordination among teammates, thereby increasing the chances of survival.

Get a pet

Based on the selection of characters, the pets must selected. Try to utilise them at maximum extent.

Better layout

With over increasing skills over time, having a good layout is as important as having a good squad. Using Bonfire or Clue can be a good choice.


As there will be frequent close clashes in this mode, having a sniper, SMG, or a shotgun could be a right choice.

Map awareness

Getting familiar with clash squad mode and anticipating enemy movements can be beneficial.

Free Fire

As Free Fire is battle royale video game, reflexes, gaming, and analytical skills also play an critical role.