Apple iOS 17 release today: Top 10 Features to Explore

Today, Apple will release iOS 17. It is compatible with the iPhone XS and the above models. Users should back up their devices before downloading the update.

Apple's iOS 17 update adds numerous features. We've highlighted the top 10. The update is available to all eligible iPhone users just a week after the release of the iPhone 15 series.

This feature allows you to create a personalized caller ID using different photo treatments, Memoji, and your name.

Contact Banners

Share contacts easily with NameDrop by holding your iPhone near another iPhone or Apple Watch. Select the phone numbers or email addresses you want to share and use the Contact Poster to share the information instantly.

Exchange Numbers with NameDrop

Apple's AirDrop and SharePlay can automatically activate when iPhones are nearby, making it easy to share content, similar to NameDrop.

AirDrop and SharePlay

View real-time message transcripts and answer calls while they leave a message to avoid physically answering the phone.

Live Voicemail

This feature consolidates all iMessage apps into one location. Users can easily access frequently sent items such as photos, audio messages, and location with a new button.

Unified App Menu in Messages

Notify loved ones automatically when you reach your destination. Great for frequent travellers who want to keep friends and family updated on their location.

Message Check-In

You can pause and resume recording audio messages and received ones can play at up to 2x speed and continue playing when you exit the app.

Audio Message Improvements

Share your location or request someone else's location directly from the plus button in Messages with the new Location app. The location will remain active within the chat window. You won't have to open it in Maps.

Location sharing improvements

Use your iPhone as a camera and start a call directly from the FaceTime app on Apple TV, or transfer the call from your iPhone to your TV.

FaceTime on Apple TV

Place your iPhone on its side while charging to make it even more helpful when you leave it. You can see visible information such as the time and important notifications.

StandBy Option